Quotes and Lyrics by Zoe Wees

Quotes and Lyrics by Zoe Wees

Zoe Wees (born 13 May 2002), is a German singer. Her debut single "Control" charted in several nations including number one in France (SNEP Radio) and the top ten in Belgium.

I've always been in love with music, and I love singing and writing songs.
January 2021
I need you to know I would never be this strong without you
You've seen how I've grown, you took all my doubt
'Cause you were home
I don't wanna lose control
Nothing I can do anymore
Tryin' every day when I hold my breath
Spinnin' out in space pressin' on my chest
It's my biggest dream to perform in front of a big audience and sing my songs with the people.
October 2020
"The Voice Kids" was an interesting experience and a lot of fun. But I learned that I'd rather build up a carreer step-by-step.
October 2020
Early in the morning I still get a little bit nervous
Fighting my anxiety constantly, I try to control it
Even when I know it's been forever, I can still feel the spin
Hurts when I remember and I never wanna feel it again
It's so hard to explain
With your heart in a cage
Only whisper but you wanna shout
'Cause the second you wake
Too much pressure to take
Every part of you wants to cry out
Girls Like Us
Lost without your light
I can't see myself anymore
Ghost, Album: Golden Wings (EP)
I remember every part of you
You're the only one that was hard to lose
Now it hurts so much and I'm stuck in this hell
Can't stand up all by myself
Ghost, Album: Golden Wings (EP)
It's hard for girls like us
We don't know who we trust
Not even the ones we love
'Cause they don't know
Girls Like Us

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I might have been born in Liverpool - but I grew up in Hamburg.
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'Cause when we fall, we know how to land
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'Cause we don't need permission to dance
BTS - Permission to Dance
Don't you think we got another season
That come after spring?
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