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Akbar: "This kufi that I'm wearing was actually a gift from the honorable Louis Farrakhan. Are you familiar with the minister's work?"
Ezra's Mom: "Well, I'm familiar with what he said about the Jews..."
Ezra: "Let's have dinner!"

You People, by Ezra Cohen

Ever figure out what happened with the potatoes? An ETA on those?

You People, by Ezra Cohen

Akbar: "So, you wanna marry my daughter?"
Ezra: "Yes. Yes, I do."
Akbar: "Well, Ezra, you can try."

You People, by Akbar Mohammed

Amira: "Get out! Help, I'm being attacked!"
Ezra: "Okay! But you're not getting five stars."
Amira: "I'm not no Uber driver!"

You People, by Amira Mohammed

I've never heard of a man who wanted a relationship so badly besides Drake. And I'm talking Views Drake.

You People, by Sam Jay

"What are you up to these days? Got a girlfriend?"
Ezra: "No."
"You don't like getting p-ssy?"
Ezra: "Well, hearing the word 'p-ssy' come out of your mouth does make me question whether or not I like it."

You People, by Ezra Cohen