Quotes about World War II

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The war is won, but the peace is not.

War, Peace, Cold War, 1945Albert Einstein, December 1945

Trump: "North Korea, we're not in a war. We have a good relationship. People don't understand, having a good relationship with leaders of other countries is a good thing."
Biden: "We had a good relationship with Hitler before he invaded Europe. Come on!"

North KoreaJoe Biden, October 2020, second United States presidential debate

Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.

1940, Armed Forces DayWinston Churchill, 1940

If Hitler invaded hell I would make at least a favourable reference to the devil in the House of Commons.

Devil, 1941Winston Churchill, 1941, zu einem Bündnis mit Stalin

You will not f-ck with my children's future. You will not destroy the freedoms my grandfather fought two world wars to defend.

Hugh Grant, August 2019, about Boris Johnson

There's no question in my mind that those people want to have a war. They're determined to be a world power and seem to feel that's the only way to become one. Those storm troopers are awesome. The atmosphere in Berlin - well, I've never sensed such tension.

1938Gary Cooper