Quotes by Whoopi Goldberg

Caryn Elaine Johnson, known professionally as Whoopi Goldberg, is an American actress, comedian, author, and television host. She has been nominated for 13 Emmy Awards and is one of the few entertainers to have won an Emmy Award, a Grammy Award, an Academy Award, and a Tony Award.

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I met Queen Elizebeth in 2009. As she approached me, all I could think of was WTH?? I'm an American kid from the projects and I'm in the company of the Queen of England. I was in awe. Rest In Peace. God Save the King.

Death of Queen Elizabeth IIWhoopi Goldberg, September 2022

Normal is in the eye of the beholder.

Craziness & Weirdness, NormalityWhoopi Goldberg

You know, be an actor because you love to act. Don't be an actor because you think you're going to get famous, because that's luck.

ActorsWhoopi Goldberg

I don't look like Halle Berry. But chances are she's going to end up looking like me.

Whoopi Goldberg

I am an artist, art has no color and no sex.

ArtWhoopi Goldberg

I don't really view communism as a bad thing.

CommunismWhoopi Goldberg