The best Quotes by Wanda Sykes

The best Quotes by Wanda Sykes

Wanda Yvette Sykes (born March 7, 1964) is an American stand-up comedian, actress, and writer. She currently stars in the Netflix original series The Upshaws (2021-), the HBO Max comedy series The Other Two (2019-2023), and The Good Fight (2021). Aside from her television appearances, Sykes has also had a career in film, appearing in Monster-in-Law (2005), My Super Ex-Girlfriend (2006), Evan Almighty (2007), and License to Wed (2007), as well as voicing characters in animated films such as Over the Hedge, Barnyard, Brother Bear 2 (all in 2006), Rio (2011), two sequels of the Ice Age franchise (2012–2016), and UglyDolls (2019).

And then also I think it's harder for women because comedy is so opposite of being ladylike.
I have a funny family, but none of them are remotely in show business.
It wasn't until I became more confident with myself and I put myself forward instead of the jokes; at first it was put the jokes out there and I'm just behind the jokes.
But I think funny and talent will always win out; I mean, of course there are hurdles, but I think if you're funny you will get over all of that.
Actually, I majored in marketing and I have a bachelor of science.

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The world is full of magic. Small things become big. Winter turns to spring. One thing always changes into another.
Denahi in Brother Bear
If the snow's white, then it's all right.
Yellow or green, it's just not clean.
I learned that one the hard way.
Koda in Brother Bear
Rutt: "I can't believe you totaled a mammoth."
Tuke: "Hey, that mountain came out of nowhere."
Rutt: "I cannot accept what you have to say."
Tuke: "Oh, come on, it was in my blind spot!"
You're a little low on the food chain to be mouthin' off, aren't ya?
Diego in Ice Age
Sid: "Manny, aren't you forgettin' somethin'?"
Manny: "No."
Sid: "But you just saved him."
Manny: "Yeah, well I'm still trying to get rid of the last thing I saved."
Manny in Ice Age
Sid: "Boy, for a second there, I actually thought you were gonna eat me!"
Diego: "I don't eat junk food."
Diego in Ice Age
Parents, please do not leave your children unattended. All unattended children will be eaten!
Vulture in Ice Age - 2: The Meltdown
Diego: "Why did you do that? You could've died trying to save me."
Manny: "That's what you do in a herd: you look out for each other."
Manny in Ice Age
Sid: "You know? This whole ice age thing is getting old. You know what I could go for? A global warming."
Diego: "Keep dreaming."
Diego in Ice Age
Oh, isn't there someone else you can annoy? Friends? Family? Poisonous reptiles?
Manny in Ice Age
After we rescue Sid, I'm going to kill him.
Manny in Ice Age - 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Sid: "Maybe we could rapidly evolve into water creatures?"
Diego: "That's genius, Sid."
Sid: "Call me 'Squid'."
Sid in Ice Age - 2: The Meltdown
Rule number one: always listen to Buck! Rule number two: stay in the middle of the trail! Rule number three: he who has gas travels at the back of the pack.
Buck Wild in Ice Age - 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Sid: "Look, the tigers are just playing tag with the antelope... with their teeth!"
Diego: "Come on Sid, let's play tag. You're it."
Diego in Ice Age
If your species will continue, clap your hands!
Sid in Ice Age - 2: The Meltdown
Sid: "It's a boy!"
Diego: "That's its tail."
Sid: "It's a girl!"
Sid in Ice Age - 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
With my little stick in my highly evolved brain I shall create fire!
Sid in Ice Age
Manny: "So, you think she's the girl for me?"
Sid: "Oh, yeah! She's tons of fun, and you're no fun at all! She... completes you!"
Sid in Ice Age - 2: The Meltdown
Manny: "Don't listen to him; Fast Tony would sell his own mother for a grape."
Fast Tony: "Are you making an offer? I mean... no, I would not!"
Fast Tony in Ice Age - 2: The Meltdown
Ellie: "I thought those guys were extinct?!"
Manny: "Well, then that is one angry fossil."
Manny in Ice Age - 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
Let's get something straight here. Okay? There is no "we". There never was a "we". In fact, without me, it wouldn't even be a "you"!
Manny in Ice Age
Sid: "But he started it!"
Manny: "I don't care who started it, I'll finish it!"
Manny in Ice Age
I just did something involuntary.... and messy.
Sid in Ice Age - 2: The Meltdown
Buck: "Everybody stop! I smell something. Smells like a buzzard's butt fell off and then got sprayed on by a bunch of skunks!"
Diego: "That's Sid."
Diego in Ice Age - 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs
You're an embarrassment to nature, y'know that?
Manny in Ice Age
One candidate is too old and mentally unfit to be president. The other one is me.
Joe Biden - März 2024

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