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'Cause we been out the wavе catchin' waves
They say, "We ain't seen you on thе block"
'Cause I been out the way
Chasin' millions in my sleep, I found the better way

Vory - Jonah, Album: Donda

Devil on my shoulders, I can't let 'em breathe
Brush 'em off my sleeve, I'm filled with memories
Pray they remember me, oh, oh-oh
And I know there's an angel watchin' over me

Vory - God Breathed, Album: Donda

I am no god
A king at most I just wait for my rise
The beast's off the leash
Who invested some time with a hell of a grind

Vory - Break Bread

'Cause you started with nothin'
Always turning nothings to somethings

Vory - Middle of It, Album: QUARANTINE PACK

Like who's here when I need a shoulder to lean on?
I hope you're here when I need the demons to be gone
And it's not fair that I had to fight 'em all on my own

Vory - Jonah, Album: Donda

Closest homie turned his back, we gotta kill 'bout it
Even though it hurt my soul, act like I don't care about it

Vory - Think It’s a Game, Album: QUARANTINE PACK

I'm stuck in my ways and it's all because of women
Tried to steal my own mind away for meditation
We been through it all, girl, but still we livin'
You tried to steal my own heart away, I know you feel me

Vory - Know Myself, Album: Chill Mood