Quotes and Voice-Lines by Viper

Quotes and Voice-Lines by Viper

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Bodies decompose after twelve hours in acid. There is no reason I know that.
They call me a monster. Shall I prove them right?
Only five of them? Pity, I brought enough poison for fifty. You can't say I'm not prepared.
What have you been working on over there? I'm curious, but you don't need to be alive for me to find out.
Valorant - to Viper
Skye, you have no clue the forces you're playing with. Eh, don't worry, you'll be dead before you figure it out.
Valorant - to Skye
Fire needs oxygen. Let me replace this Phoenix's air.
Valorant - to Phoenix
Tell me where they are, Cypher. I'll take care of the rest.
You wanted a villain? I gave you a villain!
Valorant - on Ace
They're in the coffin. Time to bury them.
You have the ability to rift-walk and you stay here? What a shame, there are so many better worlds out there.
Valorant - to Yoru
If you want something done right, do it yourself!
Cypher, you collect information. Tell me, what are their dreams? What do they fear?
Valorant - to Cypher
It's hard not to play with my food.
If any of you die I lose a bet with Brimstone, so don't embarrass me like that, please.
Fascinating, I must record this feeling.
Valorant - on Resurrect
Remember: Nobody's a hero when they're crying... for air.
Do me a favor, Breach, and open them up. Toxin works best when directly injected.
Let's take from them, what they took from me... everything.

Quotes about Viper

Yo Viper, are we really safe breathing that in? I lowkey have asthma.
Together, Viper. Fear and toxin is an effective combination.
Fade in Valorant - to Viper
Viper, watch those toxins this time. Not breathing in that crap again.
Ay Viper, none of your gas is flammable, right?
Phoenix in Valorant - to Viper
That snake lady is a joke. Brazil has real vipers. She's dumb.
Raze in Valorant - to Viper
There's a Viper over there. What a shame to rid the world of that mind. But I think she needs to rest.
Killjoy in Valorant - to Viper
Sabine, look at the monsters we've become. At least you have flesh to hide your horror.
Omen in Valorant - to Viper

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They're scared, I don't need cameras to see that.
Phoenix: "I should have picked this game."
Cypher: "[playing chess] Winning requires sacrifice. Not really your style."
Cypher in Valorant - Episode 4 Cinematic
I've always wanted to pry my way in here. Don't mind if I just leave some... gifts behind.
Breach! I took a servo from your arms for my tripwire. Don't be angry.
Their healer is nothing, I'll burn them faster than they can mend.
Jett: "Hey Phoenix, if you die, I call dibs on your jacket."
Phoenix: "Ah don't be like that, you know you'd also want my shoes."
Either spend all your money, or give it to me. Good cause either way.
They think they put us in the dirt, they're gonna find out we weren't buried, just planted.
Great, now the clumsy pup shoots fireballs out of his paws.
Skye in PAW Patrol - The Mighty Movie
Why did they bring Sage? Now they have to die twice, idiots.
Five enemies. Five for me, none for anyone else.
Trust me, they'll know what hit 'em.
Guns in my face? Just another Tuesday.
Make their fear your weapon... or use a gun, whichever.
Next time we'll use wooden sticks! Make it fair...
Even if I go out, I'll go out with a bang. Just promise you'll dance at my funeral, okay?
Sova, you listen to the weirdest music. Lots of duntz-duntz-duntz-duntz-duntz. How do you dance to it?
Raze in Valorant - to Sova
Go ahead, call me tech support again!
Don't stress if I die, it was great knowing you all. Also, delete my hard-drive.
They fear death. They should fear so much more than that.
I am the beginning. I am the end.
No, you cannot eat the radianite. Okay maybe just a little.
I can't get the settings menu on my display to turn off. How do I...? Oh. Got it.
This bow has taken men and beast alike. I have found there is little difference.
Sage, we're the perfect pair... you give life, I take it.

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