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It was then I realized my companion hadn't been gaining strength. He had been losing what was left of his humanity...

- Diablo - II, by Marius

I can see what you see not
Vision milky, then eyes rot
When you turn they will be gone
Whispering their hidden song
Then you see what cannot be
Shadows move where light should be
Out of darkness, out of mind
Cast down into the Halls of the Blind

- Diablo - II, by Book of the Blind

Where the actions of hell seem straight forwardly bent on destruction, the motives of heaven are unfathomable.

- Diablo - II, by Deckard CainSky

Not even death can save you from me!

- Diablo - II, by Diablo

Stay awhile and...
Ah, no one ever listens.

- Diablo - II, by Deckard Cain

It has been said...
That in the end of all things...
You would find a new beginning.

- Diablo - IIEnding, Beginning

Sometimes I think that Cain talks too much, but I guess that is his calling in life. If I could bend steel as well as he can bend your ear, I could make a suit of court plate good enough for an Emperor!

- Diablo - II, by GriswoldTalking

Look at that edge, that balance. A sword in the right hands, and against the right foe, is the master of all weapons.

- Diablo - 2, by GriswoldSwords

I have spent decades trying to understand the forces at work in this world. But, In the face of all that is transpiring, I realize how meager my knowledge is.

- Diablo - II, by Deckard CainApprehension, Knowledge, World

Hello my friend. Stay awhile and listen...

- Diablo - II, by Deckard Cain

The past is like a broken mirror, as you piece it together you cut yourself. Your image keeps shifting and you change with it.

- Max Payne - 2, by Max PaynePast, Mirrors

Look at what happened during Prohibition - a handful of poor, uneducated immigrants from Sicily became stronger than all the laws, courts, and police here in the States.

- Mafia, by Tommy AngeloItalian Mafia

If a regular guy like me could kill the most powerful man in the city, what good was all his power? It seemed to me that no matter how strong someone is, there'll always be somebody stronger to clip his wings.

- Mafia, by Tommy AngeloPower, Italian Mafia

You know, the world isn't run by laws written on paper. It's run by people - some according to laws, others not. It depends on each individual how his world will be, how he makes it.

- Mafia, by Tommy AngeloLaw

The guy who wants too much risks losing absolutely everything. Of course, the guy who wants too little from life might not get anything at all.

- Mafia, by Tommy AngeloLife, Ambition, Courage, Risk

I am a soldier, I've served my country for 20 years. But if I'm captured or killed I know that nobody will come to rescue me. I won't even get a funeral. Because the nation that I protect can never admit that I exist. So my death would go unremarked, my bones would go unclaimed. I don't know if that day will come but I do know...that it must not be today! I am invisible, I am relentless. I am Sam Fisher. I am a Splinter Cell.

- Splinter Cell - Chaos Theory, by Sam Fisher

A famous explorer once said, that the extraordinary is in what we do, not who we are. I'd finally set out to make my mark; to find adventure. But instead adventure found me. In our darkest moments, when life flashes before us, we find something; Something that keeps us going. Something that pushes us.

- Tomb Raider, by Lara Croft

My name is Sam Fisher. I'm a soldier. I'm not much of a philosopher, but if you want to know what I believe, I'll tell you. I believe the greatest threats to our freedom actually start small. They begin as random events that most people don't even notice. But they grow. They multiply. They start chain reactions that threaten the entire world. Some people call that 'fate'. I call it 'Chaos Theory'. But, believing in Chaos Theory doesn't mean you have to surrender to it. That's where I come in. I find those threats before they get out of hand, and I eliminate them. Quickly, quietly, relentlessly. I take the lives of a few to protect the lives of many. I commit acts of war to preserve the greater peace. I take no joy in killing, but make no mistake; I'll do what needs to be done. Because it's my job. It's my duty. My name is Sam Fisher, and I am a Splinter Cell.

- Splinter Cell - Chaos Theory, by Sam Fisher

Next time you're going on the mission and I'm making up the crazy plan!

- Splinter Cell - Chaos Theory, by Sam Fisher

Today we're on a secret mission to get coffee and donuts. Problem is, the Germans drank all the coffee and ate all the donuts. So now, we gotta go kick their asses.

- Call of Duty - 3, by Dixon

Soldier 1: "You hear that Norman has been sent home?"
Soldier 2: "Lucky bastard."
Soldier 1: "That lucky bastard lost his leg."
Soldier 2: "Well, at least he's out of this bleeding desert!"

- Call of Duty - 2