Quotes by Varian Wrynn

Varian Wrynn is a character from Warcraft Universe

Quotes by Varian WrynnImage-Source: Blizzard Entertainment

I am willing to end this bloodshed. But know this, if your Horde fails to uphold honor, as Garrosh did, we will end you!

Varian Wrynn in World of Warcraft, Mists of Pandaria

My son, a terrible darkness has returned to our world. As before, it seeks to annihilate everything that we hold dear. I go to face it, knowing I may not return. All my life I have lived by the sword. I've seen kingdoms burn, and watched brave heroes die in vain. It's been difficult for me to trust after losing so much. But from you I have learned patience, tolerance, and faith. Anduin, I now believe as you do, that peace is the noblest aspiration. But to preserve it, you must be willing to fight!

Varian Wrynn in World of Warcraft, Legion

Leader of the Alliance! Father of Anduin! Also he likes to play Arena, and he averages 12 wins.

Hearthstone - The Grand Tournament, by Varian Wrynn