Quotes and Lyrics by Tokio Hotel

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Running through the monsoon
Beyond the world
To the end of time
Where the rain won't hurt
Fighting the storm
Into the blue
And when I lose myself I think of you
Together we'll be running somewhere new
Through the monsoon
Just me and you

Tokio Hotel - Monsoon, Album: Zimmer 483

It's been a while since I've seen your face
I wonder how you look today, old friend
Remember when you knew my name
Before the world got in our way?
I won't forget

Tokio Hotel - Easy, Album: Dream Machine

What's underneath the moon and stars?
What's underneath our clothes, we are
Hiding what we want to share
Take my hand, I'll take you there

Tokio Hotel - Love Who Loves You Back, Album: Kings of Suburbia

We're high as f-ck, nowhere to be
No second chance in this galaxy
It could be you, it could be me
So let us be, you and I

Tokio Hotel - What If…?, Album: Dream Machine

You're automatic and your heart's like an engine
I die with every beat
You're automatic and your voice is electric
Why do I still believe?

Tokio Hotel - Automatic, Album: Humanoid

Some big black clouds in my town and
I can't see out of my window
I'm all f-cked up in the moment
Spacing out into the zone

Tokio Hotel - Boy Don’t Cry, Album: Dream Machine

It's 5 a.m., that's nothing
Get you back in the car
We're getting lost in some new place
At least we know who we are

Tokio Hotel - What If…?, Album: Dream Machine

When life was easy
And we smoked w-ed in the backseat of your car
And watched the stars
When love came easy
I gave you all a boy could give
Life was wild and dangerous
But I know

We can't go back now

Tokio Hotel - Easy, Album: Dream Machine