The best Quotes from The Meg

The best Quotes from The Meg

The Meg is a 2018 science fiction action film directed by Jon Turteltaub from a screenplay by Dean Georgaris, Jon Hoeber and Erich Hoeber.

Jonas. We need your help. We're detecting increased aquatic activity 25,000 feet deep in the trench. It's an ancient ecosystem untouched by man. Whatever is down there is trying to make its way to the surface.
The Meg - 2: The Trench
I am not getting eaten by a goddamn prehistoric fish.
Jack Morris
Hey, I mean no offense, Dr. Zhang. I mean, if there was two people on this planet that could get me back into the water, it's probably you two. But you can't. You're gonna tell me your problem and I'll say no. You're going to offer me money. I'll still say no. You're gonna appeal to my better nature and I'm gonna say no. Because I don't have one.
Jonas Taylor
Why don't you just put a tracker on it? Don't you guys ever watch Shark Week?
Jack Morris
We did what people always do - discover and then destroy.
Minway Zhang
Captain: "You drink too much."
Jonas Taylor: "Hey, now you're only saying that because I literally have a beer in my hand."
Captain: "You always have a beer in your hand. You know why?"
Jonas Taylor: "Because I drink too much?"
Jonas Taylor
Minway Zhang: "Since 1875 we've all believed the Mariana Trench was the deepest place on Earth. I've had a theory that we think is the bottom might actually be a layer if hydrogen sulfide. Beneath that cloud, and a freezing cold thermocline there could be a completely different world."
Suyin: "The Origin is about to see if my father is right. If there is warm water below, that means we're going to be the first to see it."
Jack Morris: "And what if you're wrong?"
Minway Zhang: "Then you have wasted $1.3 billion."
Jonas Taylor: "Yeah, well, I'm not crazy. I've just seen things no one else has."
Meiying: "That's the definition of crazy."
Meg versus man isn't a fight... it's a slaughter.
Jonas Taylor

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