The best Quotes from The Horse Whisperer

The best Quotes from The Horse Whisperer

Grace: "Are you afraid of anything, Tom Booker?"
Tom Booker: "Of growing old. Being of no use."
Tom Booker
Knowing is the easy part; saying it out loud is the hard part.
Tom Booker
Annie: "I've heard you help people with horse problems."
Tom Booker: "Truth is, I help horses with people problems."
Tom Booker
Grace: "Why do you always wear that hat?"
Joe Booker: "'cuz it fits my head. Wanna try it on?"
Joe Booker
Tom Booker: "Do you ever sit still for just a minute?"
Annie: "Well, you sit still too long in New York and you get renovated."
Annie MacLean
I didn't know that it was right to love her. I just loved her.
Tom Booker

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When I was a kid, nobody told me I was good-looking. I wish they had. I would've had a better time.
Be careful of success; it has a dark side.
I just wanted to paint and sketch and tell stories by drawing.
I have no regrets, because I've done everything I could to the best of my ability.
Sport is a wonderful metaphor for life. Of all the sports that I played - skiing, baseball, fishing - there is no greater example than golf, because you're playing against yourself and nature.
After watching Super Size Me, I don't go to McDonald's anymore... no way!
I've always been very determined, ever since I was a little girl, to make my way.
I think marriage initially involves a lot of people who have nothing to do with your relationship, because it's a legally binding contract, and that has a weight to it.
I'm happiest when I have something to focus my energy on.
If you feel glamorous, you definitely look glamorous.
When you spend a lot of time, like I do, just standing around and waiting, or being moved from place to place, every minute gets consumed by something someone else has set up for you. And it's not like I'm always in a beautiful place wearing something gorgeous.
All grown-ups were once children... but only few of them remember it.
'I don't think...'
'Then you shouldn't talk', said the Hatter.
The ability to speak does not make you intelligent.
I call horses "divine mirrors" - they reflect back the emotions you put in. If you put in love and respect and kindness and curiosity, the horse will return that.
Horses are like people - they have different personalities. They can be nice, friendly and hard-working, or awkward, difficult and lazy. If horses were people, some would be on the dole, and others would be entrepreneurs.
No wonder the city never sleeps, it's too busy trying to get laid.
Carrie Bradshaw in Sex And The City - Season 1 Episode 11
There are eight million people in this city. And those teeming masses exist for the sole purpose of lifting the few exceptional people onto their shoulders.
Grüner Kobold in Spider-Man
It takes much more courage to be in love than it does for war.
Helsinki in Money Heist - Season 4 Episode 5
You say you love rain, but you use an umbrella to walk under it. You say you love sun, but you seek shade when it is shining. You say you love wind, but when it comes, you close your window. So that's why I'm scared when you say you love me.
Your cells age at half the rate of a normal human. When you're 40, you'll still have the leucocytes of a teenager.
Beast / Hank McCoy in X-Men - Erste Entscheidung

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