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The Barrier (orig. Spanish: La Valla) is a Spanish dystopian drama TV series that debuted internationally in September 2020 on Netflix.

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Alma: "These kids were out on the street, they're miserable. And if they can't take the dose, then there's a much better place for them."
Tomás: "I don't get it, Alma. What place is better?"
Alma: "Heaven is, Tomás. They're already in hell."

Alma López-Durán in The Barrier, Season 1 Episode 1

It's not important who you are, but how you look. What's more, you always end up being what you seem.

AppearanceAlma López-Durán in The Barrier, Season 1 Episode 1

Our country and the entire world are in a critical crossroad. The recent World War III has destroyed our environment as we knew it. The economy has collapsed. And the earth's ressources been severely compromised. Essential supplies, such as water, electricity and gas, must be drastically rationed and controlled. The health, the safety and even the survival of our population are being seriously threatened. In times like these, terrorists take advantage of our weakened system to undermine it. And the emergence of new viruses overburden our hospitals and challenge our medical knowledge.

The Barrier, Season 1 Episode 1