Quotes and Sayings about Sunday

Quotes and Sayings about Sunday

Sundays - precious pearls of time that grant us peace and comfort. They are like gentle embraces of the week, inviting us to unwind. Sundays are like a song that touches our hearts and reminds us of the beauty of life. We feel joy when we share the time with loved ones, but also the stillness that leads us to inner reflection. May each Sunday remind us that life is made of precious moments to celebrate and cherish.

If you do anything productive on a Sunday, you will die unfortunately.
Note to self: I'm not God, even when I'm done with the world by Sunday.
What you really want is someone you can hang around with on a Sunday afternoon and watch a TV show with, and do nothing, and feel like it's the most fun ever.
Sunday evenings often feel like the weekend is over before it's even begun.
If God hadn't rested on Sunday, He would have had time to finish the world.

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Oh, I just want what we all want: a comfortable couch, a nice beverage, a weekend of no distractions and a book that will stop time, lift me out of my quotidian existence and alter my thinking forever.
Weekends don't count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless.
You know what I want to do? Wake up one weekend and not have to go anywhere and do nothing.
When you're young, you should live out every weekend. Even if you look like a scarecrow, you just gotta go!
"What's your goal?"
"Closing time."
"How about something more long-term?"
My perfect weekend is going for a walk with my family in the park. I don't think there's anything better.
In Italy, you know you've found a truly authentic restaurant when they don't have an English menu. In India, it's when there are no utensils and you must eat with your hands.
Be nice to people and work hard!
Smart women love smart men more than smart men love smart women.
It's like the riddle of the Sphinx; why are there so many great unmarried women - and no great unmarried men?
Carrie Bradshaw in Sex And The City - Season 1 Episode 1
Occasionally I go shopping for clothes, but I find the whole thing a real chore.
There is always something left to love.
It's enough for me to be sure that you and I exist at this moment.
Every person is a special thought of God, not only humanity as a whole.
Even Kings and emperors with heaps of wealth and vast dominion cannot compare with an ant filled with the love of God.
They were so close to each other that they preferred death to separation.
Humanity, like armies in the field, advances at the speed of the slowest.
Someday, I'm going to marry Monday, make him trust me and then I'll finish him off.
For most people, on Tuesday the batterie's are still half full, strangely mine are half empty.
For most people, on Wednesday the batterie's are still half full, strangely mine are half empty.
Can't we just skip Thursday and jump right into the weekend?
Brain: "Yay, it's finally Friday!"
Liver: "Oh, shit."
The best thing about Sunday is Saturday night.

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