The best Quotes from SpongeBob SquarePants

The best Quotes from SpongeBob SquarePants

Here you'll find the funniest Quotes by SpongeBob SquarePants and his friends from Bikini Bottom and from the movie SpongeBob SquarePants - Sponge on the Run.

Patrick: "Is mayonnaise an instrument?"
Squidward Tentacles: "No, Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument. Yes, Patr... No, horseradish is not an instrument either!"
I'm Patrick. My name means "toaster" in Celtic.
Patrick Star - Sponge on the Run
Friends don't let friends go on dangerous quests alone.
Patrick Star - Sponge on the Run
SpongeBob: "But, Mr. Krabs, I found that under the grill."
Mr. Krabs: "And tomorrow a customer will find it under his bun."
SpongeBob: "But it's old and cold and so very full of mold."
Mr. Krabs: "You're not to make another patty until that one is sold. Understand?"
Mr. Krabs - Episode 56a
If I had a dollar for every brain you don't have, I'd have one dollar.
'Is this the Krusty Krab?"
Patrick: "No, this is Patrick."
Patrick Star - Episode 23a

Quotes about SpongeBob SquarePants

The winner takes all, it's the thrill of one more kill,
The last one to fall, will never sacrifice their will!
Don't ever look back, on the world closing in,
Be on the attack with your wings on the wind,
Oh, the games will begin!

And it's sweet, sweet, sweet victory, yeah!
It's ours for the taking, it's ours for the fight!
And it's sweet sweet sweet victory, yeah!
And the one who's last to fall, the winner takes all!

You don't win no silver, you only lose the gold.
You push with a fever, for your time keeps tolling on!
Against all the odds, against all your pain,
Your back's on the wall with no one to blame.
Wild hearts won't be tamed.
Band Geeks - Sweet Victory, Album: The Yellow Album

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Charlie Brown: "We only live once, Snoopy."
Snoopy: "Wrong! We only die once. We live every day!"
Clever of me to use my spine to break my fall like that.
Darkwing Duck in Darkwing Duck - Season 1 Episode 1
If I wanted the government in my house, I'd buy Alexa.
Rick Sanchez in Rick and Morty - Season 6 EpisodeĀ 10
I love life. Yeah, I'm sad, but at the same time, I'm really happy that something could make me feel that sad. It's like... it makes me feel alive, you know. It makes me feel human. The only way I could feel this sad now is if I felt something really good before. So I have to take the bad with the good. So I guess what I'm feeling is like a beautiful sadness.
Butters Stotch in South Park - Season 7 Episode 14
What did you do, comb your hair with an eggbeater?
Stella in Winx Club - Season 1 Episode 9
Averell: "I love exotic food! What do you call this delicious crust around the frijoles?"
Espuelas: "It's called a terracotta bowl, amigo."
Averell Dalton in Lucky Luke - Tortillas for the Daltons
Quagmire: "You got to help me. I'm looking for a little boy with red overalls and a yellow shirt."
French Man: "You are looking to buy or to rent?"
Quagmire: "What? No! God! How is Paris considered a classy city?"
French Man: "The buildings are beautiful, the people are trash."
In the darkest times, hope is something you give yourself. That is the meaning of inner strength.
Whoa, this is big. I really need some time to drink about this.
Princess Bean in Disenchantment - Season 3 Episode 4
I'm responsible for my own happiness? I can't even be responsible for my own breakfast!
Pinky, you give a whole new meaning to the phrase, "counter-intelligence". You have the I.Q. of plaster.
To alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems!
Homer Simpson in The Simpsons - SeasonĀ 8 Episode 18
You gotta fight... for your right... to Lombaaardi!
Travis Kelce - February 2020, on the Chiefs' Super Bowl win
Lip: "Hey, whoa. You really think they deserve your hard-earned money for that service?"
Frank: "Dine and dash?"
Lip: "Bite and bolt."
Frank: "Eat it and beat it?"
Shameless - Season 3 Episode 12

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