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Sorsha is a character from Willow

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In a time of dread, a child was born. Elora Danan, destined to save the world. Relentlessly pursued by the forces of darkness. Elora was rescued by two unlikely heroes. A Nelwyn farmer who dreamt of being a sorcerer. Willow was a man of pure heart and unfailing courage. The other an impossibly conceited thief, liar, and rogue. Madmartigan was the man I'd marry. What can I say? I was young. Together, we defeated my mother, Queen Bavmorda, and freed the Kingdom of Tir Asleen from its curse. We thought the war was over. But soon after returning home, Willow had a vision. That one day an ancient evil would rise again and destroy the future Empress, and her end would herald a new dark age. And so, Elora was hidden away, her true identity concealed, even from herself. It was the only way I could protect her.

Sorsha in Willow, Season 1 Episode 1

There is a story of a child, destined to be an empress, and the unlikely hero who would protect her.

Sorsha in Willow, Season 1

Madmartigan: "Did I really... Did I really say those things, last night, in your tent?"
Sorsha: "You said you loved me."
Madmartigan: "I don't remember that."
Sorsha: "You lied to me."
Madmartigan: "No, I... just wasn't myself last night."
Sorsha: "I suppose my power enchanted you and you were helpless against it."
Madmartigan: "Sort of."
Sorsha: "Then what?"
Madmartigan: "It... went away."
Sorsha: "Went away? 'I dwell in darkness without you' and it 'went away'?"

Willow, by Sorsha