The best Quotes about the EURO 2024

Here you can find the best Quotes, Reactions and Press Comments about the UEFA 2024 that is being held in Germany from June 14th till July 14th.

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Soccer European Championships 2024 belongs to the following category: Football


We have amazing stadiums, fans who love football, first and foremost we have people who love celebrating with other Europeans. We will organize a huge football party in Germany.

Philipp Lahm, September 2018, about Germany hosting UEFA 2024

The host of the EURO 2024 will be... Germany!

Aleksander Čeferin (as UEFA President), September 2018

I am very excited, we got very good and young players in Germany. We can be very optimistic about the coming tournaments, like the EURO 2024.

German Football TeamHansi Flick, Mai 2021, about becoming Coach of the German team