The best Quotes from Sleeping Beauty

The best Quotes from Sleeping Beauty

Entdecke die magischen Zitate und Sprüche aus dem Klassiker Dornröschen! Tauche ein in die Welt voller Märchen und Abenteuer.

Love will always find a way.
They say if you dream a thing more than once, it's sure to come true.
Hubert: "You're a prince, and you're going to marry a princess!"
Philipp: "Now, father, you're living in the past. This is the 14th century."
And now, the gates of the dungeon part and our prince is free to go his way. Off he rides on his noble steed, a valiant figure, straight and tall to wake his love with love's first kiss and prove that true love conquer's all.
All these years they've been looking for a baby. Fools!
I still think what I thunk before. I'm going to get those wands.
Maleficent doesn't know anything about love, or kindness, or the joy of helping others.
Aurora: "Goodbye!"
Philipp: "But when will I see you again?"
Aurora: "Oh, never, never!"
Philipp: "Never?"
Aurora: "Well, maybe someday."
The road to true love may be barred by still many more dangers which you alone will have to face. So arm thyself with this enchanted Shield of Virtue. And this mighty Sword of Truth. For these weapons of righteousness will triumph over evil.
Merryweather: "Oh, I'd like to turn her into a fat, old hoptoad!"
Fauna: "Now, dear, that isn't a very nice thing to say."
Flora: "Besides, we can't. You know our magic doesn't work that way."
Fauna: "It can only do good, dear, to bring joy and happiness."
Merryweather: "Well, that would make me happy!"
The princess shall indeed grow in grace and beauty, beloved by all who know her. But, before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday, she shall prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die!
I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream
I know you, that look in your eyes is so familiar a gleam
And I know it's true that visions are seldom all they seem
But if I know you, I know what you'll do
You'll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream
Sword of Truth, fly swift and sure,
that evil die and good endure!
Sleeping Beauty fair
Gold of sunshine in your hair
Lips that shame the red, red rose
Dreaming of true love in slumber's repose

One day he will come
Riding out of the dawn
And you'll awaken to love's first kiss
Till then, Sleeping Beauty, sleep on
Sweet princess
If through this wicket witch's trick
A spindle should your finger prick
A ray of hope there still may be in this
The gift I give to thee
Not in death, but just in sleep
The fateful prophecy you'll keep
And from this slumber you shall wake
When true love's kiss the spell shall break

Quotes about Sleeping Beauty

As the princess slumbered, her power awoke.
Aurora in Disney Lorcana
Paulina: "Do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation."
Natalia: "He's not Sleeping Beauty."
Natalia in Sexify - Season 1 Episode 1
So you see, the story is not quite as you were told. And I should know, for I was the one they called Sleeping Beauty. In the end, my kingdom was united not by a hero or a villain, as legend had predicted, but by one who was both hero and villain. And her name was Maleficent.
Narrator in Maleficent
We all remember the bed time stories of our childhoods. The shoe fits Cinderella, the frog turns into a prince, sleeping beauty is awakened with a kiss. Once upon a time and then they lived happily ever after. Fairy tales, the stuff of dreams. The problem is, fairy tales don't come true. It's the other stories, the ones that begin with dark and stormy nights and end in the unspeakable. It's the nightmares that always seem to become reality. The person that invented the phrase "Happily ever after" should have his ass kicked, so hard!
Meredith Grey in Grey's Anatomy - Season 5 Episode 1

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The ninth Rule of Villainy: When all else fails, turn into a dragon.
The story became legend. But this is no fairy tale.
Ingrith in Maleficent - 2: Mächte der Finsternis
Queen Ingrith: "If I didn’t know better, I'd say you were making a threat."
Maleficent: "Well, do you?"
Queen Ingrith: "Do I what?"
Maleficent: "Know better."
Maleficent in Maleficent - 2: Mächte der Finsternis
Diaval: "Mistress, I have a little bit of news."
Maleficent: "Don’t ruin my morning."
Maleficent in Maleficent - 2: Mächte der Finsternis
You've spent years caring for another creature. Now it's time to care for your own.
Fairy in Maleficent - 2: Mächte der Finsternis
You stole what was left of my heart. And now I have lost you forever. I swear, no harm will come to you as long as I live. And not a day shall pass that I don't miss your smile.
You've been very good to me... well, except that time you fed me spiders.
Aurora in Maleficent
Prince Phillip: "I'm looking for a girl."
Maleficent: "Of course you are!"
Royalty. Nobility. Gentry. How quaint. Even the rabble.
Before the sun sets on her 16th birthday, she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel, and fall into a sleep like death. A sleep from which she will never awaken.
A pirate must be tough, loyal, and strong. "Smart" doesn't even make the list.
Starkey in Disney Lorcana
We never rob. We just sort of borrow a bit from those who can afford it.
Stop looking like a victim! Because that's how you actually become one.
Natalia in Sexify - Season 1 Episode 1
"Want to take a walk?"
Natalia: "No, thank you, though. I've done 15,000 steps today."
Natalia in Sexify - Season 1 Episode 1
Sex is a very important part of life. And sometimes, the most important, right?
Monika Nowicka in Sexify - Season 1 Episode 1
You were born in a world where kids use smartphones before they talk.
Sexify - Season 1 Episode 1
The body is a slave to its impulses.
You're my sister
You're my family
You're all I've got
Doesn't matter how tough we are. Trauma always leaves a scar. It follows us home, it changes our lives, Trauma messes everybody up, but maybe that's the point: All the pain and the fear and the crap. Maybe going through all of that is what keeps us moving forward, it's what pushes us. Maybe we have to get a little messed up, before we can step up.
Alex Karev in Grey's Anatomy - Season 5
At the end of the day, when it comes down to it, all we really want is to be close to somebody. So this thing where we all keep our distance and pretend not to care about each other, it's usually a load of bull. So we pick and choose who we want to remain close to, and once we've chosen those people, we tend to stick close by. No matter how much we hurt them.
Meredith Grey in Grey's Anatomy - Season 3 Episode 10
Well, there's one thing: they can't order me to stop dreaming.
It does not do to dwell on dreams, Harry, and forget to live.
People say "nothing is impossible", but I do nothing every day.
Oh yes. The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it.
The heart can be tough to change, but the mind can be tough to persuade.
Grand Pabbie in Frozen -
She warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within.
Never say goodbye, because goodbye means going away - and going away means forgetting.
If you don't know where you want to go, then it doesn't matter which path you take.
The human world... it's a mess.
Sebastian in The Little Mermaid
Clever of me to use my spine to break my fall like that.
Darkwing Duck in Darkwing Duck - Season 1 Episode 1
If you can't say somethin' nice, don't say nothin' at all.
Thumper in Bambi

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