Quotes and Sayings about Skiing

Quotes and Sayings about Skiing

When God understand that only the best go skiing, he created football for the rest.
When I'm in the starting gate, it's just me and the hill.
It can take a lifetime to discover skiing, but only an instant to fall in love with it.
In Canada, there's two seasons: 6 months of winter and 6 months where skiing sucks.
When hell freezes over, I will ski there too.
If skiing was easy, it would be called snowboarding.
Many people attach skis to their feet. Few attach them to their soul.
The worst day skiing is still better than the best day at work.
I did not fall - I'm checking the snow conditions!
Without them, we are just some village somewhere in the mountains of Tyrol. But with them, we are Kitzbühel, the Aspen of the Alps.
Kitz - Season 1 Episode 1
I have been skiing since I was in school, but I'm not great. I am never going to break an Olympic record, I just want to go down the hills, on red or blue runs, but not... black.
It is better to go skiing and think of God, than go to church and think of sport.
Snowboarding is an activity that is very popular with people who do not feel that regular skiing is lethal enough.
Life is better on the slopes!
When I was 3 years old, I thought I was very good at skiing.
I've had a deep love affair with skiing for many years.
Cooking is like snow skiing: If you don't fall at least 10 times, then you're not skiing hard enough.
Lord, give me coffee to change the things I can and skiing to accept the things I can't.
I glide on the snow-covered slopes, feeling the air tingle on my skin. Skiing is more than just a sport for me - it's freedom, passion, and adventure. Each turn brings me closer to the sensation of weightlessness. The mountains embrace me, making me forget about the everyday. Skiing is my heartbeat, my moment of joy.
In the frozen expanse of the Alps, surrounded by majestic peaks, the brave skier rises in his iron sled. With daring courage, he descends the snow-covered slope, his heart filled with unparalleled joy. He glides over the seemingly endless white, while the cold winter air embraces his face. Skiing, a true art of winter sports, ignites the spirit of adventure.

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When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives.
Sansa Stark in A Song of Ice and Fire - Season 7 Episode 7
To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold.
Getting an inch of snow is like winning 10 cents in the lottery.
No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible.
There's snow place like home.
Fact: You're never too old to build a snowman or to start a snowball fight.
What do you call an old snowman?
Snow is in fact one of water's natural self-cleansing mechanisms. But human activity tends to reduce snow's purity, so do not consume it.
Nearly everybody gets twitterpated in the springtime.
In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.
The Germans have six months of winter and six months of no summer.
No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn.
Summer is a promissory note signed in June, its long days spent and gone before you know it, and due to be repaid next January.
January always brought me down
All the magic of December
Is like a circus leaving town
All I wanna do is to follow it around
Cause everybody wishes it was Christmas all year 'round
Colbie Caillat - Every Day Is Christmas
It can take a lifetime to discover snowboarding, but only an instant to fall in love with it.
I now realize that the small hills you see on ski slopes are formed around the bodies of 47-year-olds who tried to learn snowboarding.
The only sport I really get into is snowboarding. Cause that's the only sport where they perform a half pipe just after smoking a full pipe.
Never mess with a snowboarder - we know places where no one will ever find you!
après ski
[skiing terminology]
social activities and entertainment that follow a day of skiing; happy hour in the mountains.
Après Ski is my favorite sport.
No matter how the wind howls, the mountain cannot bow to it.
Emperor of China in Mulan
Edith Crawley: "[About the Titanic] I thought it was supposed to be unsinkable."
Robert Crawley: "Every mountain is unclimbable until someone climbs it; so every ship is unsinkable until it sinks."
Robert Crawley in Downton Abbey - Season 1 Episode 1
I rely on breakfast to give me a kickstart of energy in the morning, so I choose my foods accordingly.
Canada also helped in two world wars and gave the world Neil Young, William Shatner, Leonard Cohen, Pamela Anderson, one quarter of Barney Stinson, instant mashed potatoes and best of all - you.
Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother - Season 9 Episode 12
There are five phases of grief. First, denial. It just can't be that the person you shared everything with, even the womb, is suddenly not there. The world splits in two. Into a "before" and an "after". You just feel totally helpless. Until phase two. Anger. Anger toward the the person who destroyed everything. The person for whom it was all a game. Who never even realized what she took. His life. His future. Out future. And then, phase three. F phase three!
Kitz - Season 1 Episode 1
Rap music's been around for too long now to be inspirational. The words are, but the music isn't.
I demolish my bridges behind me - then there is no choice but forward.
You can only be young once. But you can always be immature.
Things go up and down. If you can survive the down, it will come back.
Food is not just eating energy. It's an experience.

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