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My experience tells me the hard road is almost always the right road.

Shahid Khan

The bedrock of this country are immigration and, really, a great separation between church and state.

USA, Refugees & ImmigrantsShahid Khan

Football is about as popular as it can be in the U.S. The upside, the expansion and growth lies overseas.

American FootballShahid Khan

I love it. In the NFL, you win or you lose, and the money still shows up.

Jacksonville JaguarsShahid Khan (as owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars)

I love architecture, but I learned early on that architects just don't make a lot of money.

ArchitectureShahid Khan

There are 320 million American dreams. Go get yours!

American DreamShahid Khan

We have the talent in place, and I think if you are a Jaguars fan, you should be excited, and you should have some expectations that we're going to be a sustainable, winning organization now.

Jacksonville JaguarsShahid Khan, Juli 2016