The best Quotes by Severus Snape

The best Quotes by Severus Snape

Severus Snape is a fictional character in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. He is an exceptionally skilled wizard whose extremely cold and resentful exterior conceals deep emotions and anguish.

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Dumbledore watched her fly away, and as her silvery glow faded he turned back to Snape, and his eyes were full of tears. "After all this time?"
"Always", said Snape.
Well, it may have escaped your notice, but life isn't fair.
The mind is a complex and many-layered thing, Potter... or at least, most minds are.
Crabbe, loosen your hold a little. If Longbottom suffocates it will mean a lot of tedious paperwork.
The mind is not a book, to be opened at will and examined at leisure.
Fools who wear their hearts proudly on their sleeves, who cannot control their emotions, who wallow in sad memories and allow themselves to be provoked this easily - weak people, in other words.
Yes, it is easy to see that nearly six years of magical education have not been wasted on you, Potter. Ghosts are transparent.
Phineas Nigellus: "Headmaster! They are camping in the Forest of Dean! The Mudblood -"
Severus Snape: "Do not use that word!'
You dare use my own spells against me, Potter? It was I who invented them - I, the Half-Blood Prince!
Lily: "Does it make a difference, being Muggle-born?"
Severus: "No. It doesn't make any difference."
"And what will you give me in return, Severus?"
"In - in return?" Snape gaped at Dumbledore, and Harry expected him to protest, but after a long moment he said, "Anything."
I have spied for you and lied for you, put myself in mortal danger for you. Everything was supposed to be to keep Lily Potter’s son safe. Now you tell me you have been raising him like a pig for slaughter.
"Would you like me to do it now?" asked Snape, his voice heavy with irony. "Or would you like a few moments to compose an epitaph?"
Hermione: "I'm sorry, Severus."
Snape looks at her, and then swallows the pain. He indicates Ron with a flick of his head. "Well, at least I'm not married to him."
Harry: "Where's Snape?"
Ron: "Maybe he's ill!"
Harry: "Maybe he's left!"
Ron: "Or he might have been sacked! I mean, everyone hates him-"
Snape: "Or maybe he's waiting to hear why you two didn't arrive on the school train."
How extraordinary like your father you are, Potter. He, too, was exceedingly arrogant. A small amount of talent on the Quidditch pitch made him think he was a cut above the rest of us, too. Strutting around the place with his friends and admirers... the resemblance between you is uncanny.
Going somewhere, Potter? You should be in the Gryffindor common room preparing for yet another year of academic underachievement.
"Look... at... me..." he whispered. The green eyes found the black, but after a second, something in the depths of the dark pair seemed to vanish, leaving them fixed, blank, and empty. The hand holding Harry thudded to the floor, and Snape moved no more.
Well, Wormtail's here, but we're not counting vermin, are we? As you have clearly realised, Wormtail, we have guests.
"You applied first for the Defence Against the Dark Arts post, I believe?" Professor Umbridge asked Snape.
"Yes," said Snape quietly.
"But you were unsuccessful?"
Snape's lip curled. "Obviously."
I have already told you, that I have no further stocks of Veritaserum. Unless you wish to poison Potter - and I assure you I would have the greatest sympathy with you if you did - I cannot help you. The only trouble is that most venoms act too fast to give the victim much time for truth-telling.
Scorpius: "A doe? Lily's Patronus."
Snape: "Strange, isn't it? What comes from within."
Tell me boy, does anything penetrate that thick skull of yours?
I would expect nothing more sophisticated from you, Ronald Weasley, the boy so solid he cannot Apparate half an inch across a room.
I don't expect you will really understand the beauty of the softly simmering cauldron with its shimmering fumes, the delicate power of liquids that creep through human veins, bewitching the mind, ensnaring the senses.
Snape: "Hide them all, then. Keep her - them - safe. Please."
Dumbledore: "And what will you give me in return, Severus?"
Snape: "In - return? Anything."
"That is the second time you have spoken out of turn, Miss Granger," said Snape coolly. "Five more points from Gryffindor for being an insufferable know-it-all."
Dumbledore is a great wizard. Only a fool would question it.
I can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory, even put a stopper on death.
Clever idea, Black, getting yourself seen on a safe station platform... gave you a cast-iron excuse not to leave your hidey-hole in future, didn’t it?
What would your head have been doing in Hogsmeade, Potter? Your head is not allowed in Hogsmeade. No part of your body has permission to be in Hogsmeade.
Snape: "On my desk by Monday morning, two rolls of parchment on the Werewolf, with particular emphasis on recognizing it."
Harry: "Sir, it's Quidditch tomorrow."
Snape: "Then I suggest you take extra care, Mr. Potter. Loss of limb will not excuse you."
Well, Potter has found the sloth brain. Was it clever hunting or a thief's guilty conscience? So where was it, Potter? In your own head?
Possibly no one's warned you, Lupin, but this class contains Neville Longbottom. I would advise you not to entrust him with anything difficult. Not unless Miss Granger is hissing instructions in his ear.
Severus Snape: "You don't want me as your enemy, Quirrell."
Quirinus Quirrell: "I-I don't know what you -"
Severus Snape: "You know perfectly well what I mean."
Lily Evans: "Doesn't your dad like magic?"
Severus Snape: "He doesn't like anything, much."
Ah, yes, Harry Potter. Our new - celebrity.

Quotes about Severus Snape

Albus Severus, you were named after two headmasters of Hogwarts. One of them was Slytherin and he was probably the bravest man I ever knew.
Don't get lulled into a false sense of security, thinking he's out of the country. Maybe he is, maybe he isn't, but the fact remains he can move faster than Severus Snape confronted with shampoo.
Remus Lupin: "Severus, don't be a fool!"
Sirius Black: "He can't help it Remus, it's bound to be a habit by now."
Brilliant, Snape. Once again you put your keen and penetrating mind to the task and, as usual, come to the wrong conclusion.
James lifted an invisible sword. "Gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart! Like my dad."
Snape made a small, disparaging noise. James turned on him. "Got a problem with that?"
"No," said Snape, though his slight sneer said otherwise. "If you'd rather be brawny than brainy -"
"Where're you hoping to go, seeing as you're neither?" interjected Sirius.
Mr. Padfoot would like to register his astonishment that an idiot like that ever became a professor.
"Our Headmaster is taking a short break," said Professor McGonagall, pointing at the Snape-shaped hole in the window.
Severus Snape wasn't yours. Snape was Dumbledores, Dumbledores from the moment you started hunting down my mother.
Harry: "Snape'll be gone by the end of the year."
Ron: "What do you mean?"
Harry: "That job's jinxed. No one's lasted more than a year... Quirrell actually died doing it. Personally, I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for another death."
You call everyone of my birth Mudblood, Severus. Why should I be any different?
Percy: "That's Professor Snape, head of Slytherin House."
Harry: "What's he teach?"
Percy: "Potions. But everyone knows it's the Dark Arts he fancies. He's been after Quirrell's job for years."
James Potter: "Apologise to Evans!"
Lily Evans: "I don't want you to make him apologise. You're as bad as he is."
Beste Freunde? Das sind wir, Sev, aber ich mag eben manche von den Leuten nicht, mit denen du rumhängst! Tut mir leid, aber ich hasse Avery und Mulciber!
Mr. Moony presents his compliments to Professor Snape, and begs him to keep his abnormally large nose out of other people's business.
I don't trust you, Snape, as you very well know!

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