Quotes and Voice-Lines by Samira the Desert Rose

Quotes and Voice-Lines by Samira the Desert Rose

I am the beauty and the beast.
Why be average when I can be savage?
I've got two rules for every fight. Don't ask for permission, don't ask for forgiveness.
Virtues? I've got a few. Vices? Heh, a few more.
Not sure if I just killed an ascended or some kid's lost pet. Ah, well.
League of Legends - to Rammus
Xerath. Your people ended my home. I will end your existence.
If it looks like a blood sucker and it sounds like a blood sucker... maybe I ought to kill it.
Honestly, lantern man? Not sure you can handle my soul.
A talking turtle? Okay, maybe I did have one too many.
League of Legends - to Rammus
Target neutralized, credits obtained. Time to treat myself.
League of Legends - PsyOps Samira
That gauntlet would be better off without you, kid.
Well-behaved women don't make it in Noxus.
Keep the change. You're gonna need it.
In every girl, there is a queen.
The term's PsyOps, short for Psychic Operations. My name's Samira, short for styling on idiots.
League of Legends - PsyOps Samira
Listen up, you sorry lot! Only one rule for this mission: take no prisoners.
Name's Samira. Try not to slow me down.
You want style? You've found her.
If you can't keep up don't step up. I don't have time for fools.
Life's simple. Take the shot or lose the chance.
It's alright if you don't like me. We can't all have good taste.
Last person I loved thought I was too reckless. Their loss.
Oh, how great it would feel to shoot my past in the face.

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Power, immortality, omniscience... but no leg room?!
Veigar: "Finally! Someone to rival my power!"
Xerath: "You are joking, right?"
Veigar: "Finally, a true test of my power!"
Xerath: "A true test for you, but not for me."
Go ahead, be negative. You'll be just my type.
Gather together your allies so you can pool your tears.
So much blood waiting for purpose.
The meaning of life is that it stops.
Just because you are beneath my notice doesn't mean I can't see you.
Ever seen your soul? Would you like to?
When you've got this much skill, every shot's a lucky one.
Time is an adventure - if you know when to look.
True explorers follow the compass in their heart.
Fighting's for grownups, and that's only if you got no other choice.
In a world without love, death means nothing.
Long before blades and sorcery are needed, words... can save a soul.
Rhaast: "A craftsman never blames his tools."
Kayn: "I will make an exception in this case."
The only true death is to never live.
What's in my violin case? Violence.
What's that smell? Oh, it's me.
Hate and love are just two words for passion.
It's a sad truth that those who shine brightest often burn fastest.
I like my weapons how I like my music, heavy and metal.
My profession? You know, now that I think of it... I always wanted to be a baker.
Victors are the sole authors of history. Time to write our chapter.
Keep a man down long enough, and the gutter becomes his kingdom.
Hey, is there a doctor on hand? Asking for my opponents.
Incoming friendly fire! Dodge - or don't. Your call.

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