The best Quotes by Sam Gardner

The best Quotes by Sam Gardner

In the beginning of a jorney, no one knows what to expect. They might have a vague idea the road ahead could be rough. That's what makes new beginnings so exciting. You don't know what will happen until it's over.
Atypical - Season 4
Beginnings can be painful. But that doesn't mean they're bad.
Atypical - Season 4
Sometimes I wish I was normal, but nobody's normal.
Sometimes, being touched makes me jumpy. It has to be a hard touch. Pressure. I like pressure. I don't like soft. Is that okay to say on the first date?
Atypical - Season 1 Episode 1
Every girl is pretty in her own way, like a snowflake in a seasonal antarctic storm.
Atypical - Season 1 Episode 1
Julia thinks that I should put myself out there and find someone to have sex with. Well, she didn't say the sex part, I added that.
Atypical - Season 1 Episode 1
Antarctica is the most remote continent on the planet. It has 90% of the world's ice, but it's considered a desert, because the annual rainfall is only about eight inches. You wouldn't think it was a desert when you looked at it. That's why I like it. It's not what it looks like.
Atypical - Season 1 Episode 1
Whoever said practice makes perfect was an idiot. Humans can't be perfect because we're not machines. The best thing you can say about practice is that it makes… better.
These are my poop shoes. That way no one knows it's me in the bathroom cause they don't see my shoes under the stall.

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Elsa: "This is where you can sit when we talk when I FaceTime you every night."
Sam: "Every night?"
Elsa: "I talked myself down from three times a day, so that is my best and final offer."
Elsa Gardner in Atypical - Season 4
Sam: "They think I'm weird."
Zahid: "You are weird. So what? The French eat snails, and that's weird as hell. But you know they're getting laid."
Zahid in Atypical - Season 1 Episode 1
Nothing ever begins. There is no first moment; no single word or place from which this or any other story springs.
Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one.
If you wait, all that happens is that you get older.
After all, I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.
Anna Scott in Notting Hill
I'm tired of running to the gas station to use the bathroom. The guy makes me buy a Gatorade every time - it's a vicious circle.
Leonard Hofstadter in The Big Bang Theory - Season 4 Episode 8
Who takes a shit in the middle of a heist?
Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop - Season 1 Episode 1
They're exhausting to inflate, they scare the shit out of you when they pop, and uninflated they just look like a pile of clown-condoms.
John Oliver in Last Week Tonight - Boeing

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