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This is not a Ukraine crisis. This is a Russia crisis.

Russia-Ukraine WarAnnalena Baerbock, February 2022

I don't know for how long the President is planning to stay in office, but it feels like he might still do so for a while.

Russia, Russia-Ukraine WarOlaf Scholz, February 2022, talking to Vladimir Putin

There's lots do discuss about the growing distance between western countries and Russia. But there's nothing to discuss about the dangers of a war in eastern Europe, which Russia has to be held accountable for.

Russia-Ukraine WarFrank-Walter Steinmeier, February 2022

Military aggression against Ukraine would have severe political and economical consequences. It's our duty to prevent that scenario in which everyone would suffer in the end.

2022, Russia-Ukraine WarOlaf Scholz, February 2022

I'm under the impression that the United States aren't actually concerned with Ukraine's safety, but with stopping Russia's progression.

Russia, Ukraine, Russia-Ukraine WarVladimir Putin, February 2022

Any state must have friendly relations with its neighbors.

Russia-Ukraine WarVitali Klitschko

Russia does not want other political groupings present near their homeland. That's not a hard thing to understand.

Russia, 2021, Russia-Ukraine WarVladimir Putin, December 2021
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