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I get overwhelmed so easily
My anxiety creeps inside of me
Makes it hard to breathe
What's come over me
Feels like I'm somebody else

TikTokRoyal & the Serpent - Overwhelmed

Silently, I’m weeping
Underneath the stars
Slowly losing patience
Lonely, in the dark
Whisper me a story
You don’t need to lie
I can spoil the ending
Everybody dies

Royal & the Serpent - Underneath the Mask

Looks can be deceiving
Love will make you blind
Be careful what you wish for
You won't like what you find

Royal & the Serpent - Underneath the Mask

I thought I'd see you I'd see you again
With a joint or a drink in your hand
Now you’re covered in roses instead
What would you have said

Royal & the Serpent - Weddings & Funerals

This mind isn't mine
Who am I to judge?
Oh I should be fine
But it's all too much

Royal & the Serpent - Overwhelmed