Quotes by Robert Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski is a Polish professional footballer who plays as a striker for FC Barcelona and is the captain of the Poland national team.

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Quotes by Robert LewandowskiImage-Source: Rufus46, Creative Commons

I always wanted to play in La Liga, always wanted to play for a great club.

FC BarcelonaRobert Lewandowski, July 2022, about his transfer to FC Barcelona

I can't imagine playing a match with the Russian National Team in a situation when armed aggression in Ukraine continues. Russian footballers and fans are not responsible for this, but we can't pretend that nothing is happening.

Russia-Ukraine WarRobert Lewandowski, February 2022

I expect to end my career on the highest level at Bayern Munich.

Bayern MunichRobert Lewandowski, March 2021

For everyone coming to the Oktoberfest in Munich, it's a great experience when Bayern Munich scored a win and four goals.

Bayern Munich, OktoberfestRobert Lewandowski (as player at Bayern Munich), September 2019

Contracts are not a holy relic in football. You can like this attitude or not, but it's the truth. Sometimes you have to think about if it is meaningful to try out a new impulse.

Football/SoccerRobert Lewandowski

Bayern is one of the best teams in the world - on a par with Real Madrid and Barcelona. A move to Barca or Real wouldn't have been a step up for me.

Bayern MunichRobert Lewandowski