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The Argentina fans treat Messi like a god. The Portugal fans treat CR7 like a king. Brazil Fans encourage Ney to break his leg. The biggest mistake in Ney's career is being born in Brazil, this country does not deserve his talent.

BrazilRaphinha, November 2022

You always want to score against the opponent and if it's in El Clásico, even more.

FC BarcelonaRaphinha (as player for FC Barcelona), July 2022

When none of us had any food, we would ask strangers in the streets. You really had to be desperate to do that, but we were so hungry, man. The problem was that people were afraid of us. Think about it: You've just played football, you're dirty and sweaty, maybe you've got a few scars and bruises too. They thought we wanted to rob them, you know? It was really sad, because we just wanted to taste food.

Raphinha, August 2021, on growing up in a favela