The best Quotes and Sayings about Psychology

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Even with therapy, our wounds may take a long time to heal. We can't just erase our worst impulses. But maybe we can control them.

Joe Goldberg in You, Season 3 Episode 2

Most of the narcissists are geniuses and masters of Psychology. But they are using their knowledge to eradicate, rather than to help humanity.

Unknown (Mwanandeke Kindembo)

After doing psychology for half a century, my passion for all of it is greater than ever.

Philip Zimbardo

Psychoanalysis pretends to investigate the Unconscious. The Unconscious by definition is what you are not conscious of. But the Analysts already know what's in it - they should, because they put it all in beforehand.

Saul Bellow

Robin, if you asked a hundred people: "Who's the worst person you could possibly date?" They'd all say "your therapist", except the ones saying "Barney".

Ted Mosby in How I Met Your Mother, Season 7 Episode 5