The best Quotes and Sayings about Praying


Faith and prayer are the vitamins of the soul; man cannot live in health without them.

- Mahalia Jackson

Prayer is the most important thing that I do.

- Wayne Huizenga

Don't pray when it rains if you don't pray when the sun shines.

- Satchel Paige

True prayer is neither a mere mental exercise nor a vocal performance. It is far deeper than that - it is spiritual transaction with the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

- Charles Spurgeon

In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart.

- Mahatma Gandhi

When we pray we admit defeat.

- Anthony Burgess in The Wanting Seed

The sovereign cure for worry is prayer.

- William James

Work as if you were to live 100 Years, Pray as if you were to die To-morrow.

- Benjamin Franklin

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