Quotes and Sayings about Polen

Quotes and Sayings about Polen

Welcome to Poland, the land of Polish warmth and vibrant culture! Feel the pulsating life in Warsaw, the fascinating capital with its rich history. Immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere of Krakow, the cultural gem in the south of the country. Explore the picturesque alleys of Gdansk, a port city with maritime charm. Discover the beauty of the Tatra Mountains and relax on the stunning beaches of the Baltic Sea. Poland is a country of contrasts that will captivate you with its hospitality, delicious cuisine, and cultural treasures!

Domenico: "Baby, please calm down!"
Olga: "I can't calm down. I'm Polish!"
Olga in 365 Days - This Day
Massimo: "This is what you call a temper? How come you're not Italian?"
Laura: "How many Polish girls do you know?"
Massimo: "It looks like one is all I need to know."
Massimo in 365 Days
They say Poland is the Mexico of Europe. I'm not sure of what that means, but I like it.
Sheldon: "Well, once, when I was 15, spending the summer at the Heidelberg Institute in Germany."
Penny: "Studying abroad?"
Sheldon: "No. Visiting professor. Anyway, the local cuisine was a little more sausage-based than I'm used to. And the result was an internal Blitzkrieg, with my lower intestine playing the part of Czechoslovakia."
Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory - Season 1 Episode 11
Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy a flight to Polen - and that's practically the same thing.

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For generations, Warsaw has stood where liberty has been challenged and liberty has prevailed.
Joe Biden - March 2022, Speech in Warsaw
They say money can't buy happiness. But it can book your flight to Warsaw - which is kinda the same.
Laura: "I don't need 365 days."
Massimo: "...because?"
Laura: "Because I love you."
Laura in 365 Days
You can either make it hard for both of us for the next year, or take part in an adventure that fate has given you.
Massimo in 365 Days
Massimo's Father: "You have to be careful. Beautiful women are heaven for the eyes and hell for the soul."
Massimo: "And purgatory for the wallet."
Massimo in 365 Days
If you really love something, just let it go. If it comes back, it's yours forever.
365 Days - The Next 365 Days
Remember, a woman that lives only for her man will be unhappy forever.
365 Days - The Next 365 Days
That guy right there is the best damn roller skater ever. Maybe even in the whole town.
Hi, I'm Bunny the Lifeguard, any of these alligators try to ruin our swimming, I'm gonna wrestle them down, and probably have my way with them.
Chris Pontius in Jackass - The Movie
Concussions aren't great, but as long as you have them before you're 50, it's cool. And Knoxville's 49, so we're good.
Jackass - Forever
Hi sweetie, I'm gonna inseminate you artificially... maybe for real if you play your cards right.
I think I'm a little concussed.
Johnny Knoxville in Jackass - The Movie
Becky Feder: "Daddy! Where is it taking them?"
Marcus Higgins: "Hell."
Lenny Feder: "Higgins. Don't say that."
Marcus Higgins: "Oh I'm sorry. Not Hell... Mexico."
Marcus Higgins in Grown Ups
A tortilla is either corn or wheat. But a corn tortilla folded and filled is a taco, whereas a filled wheat tortilla is a burrito. Deep fry a burrito, it's a chimichanga. Toast a tortilla, it's a tostada. Roll it, it's an enchilada.
Emma in One Day
This weekend, millions of Americans will celebrate Cinco de Mayo and pay tribute to the rich history and courage of the Mexican people. This day of pride and celebration for Mexican Americans has been embraced by Americans of all backgrounds as a tribute to our deep historical, cultural and economic ties to Mexico. It is an opportunity to recognize the many ways in which Mexican Americans enrich the country with their culture.
Leonard: "For God's sake, Sheldon, do I have to... hold up a sarcasm sign every time I open my mouth?"
Sheldon: "You have a sarcasm sign?"
Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory - Season 1 Episode 2
Leonard: "I've dated plenty of women. There was Joyce Kim... Leslie Winkle..."
Sheldon: "Notify the editors of the Oxford English Dictionary. The word 'plenty' has been redefined to mean 'two.'"
Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory - Season 2 Episode 2
Oh, gravity, thou art a heartless b*tch!
Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory - Season 1 Episode 2
That's the great thing about California, you can almost go to the mountains and almost go to the beach on the same day.
Leonard Hofstadter in The Big Bang Theory - Season 11 Episode 11
Physics answers the question, "What is the nature of the universe?" Geology answers the question, "What'd I just trip over?"
Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory - Season 11 Episode 7
Marty: "Thanks for going to outer space, so no matter what I do, my mum will be disappointed in me."
Howard: "Well, I married a little catholic girl, so we're even."
Howard Wolowitz in The Big Bang Theory - Season 1 Episode 10
If you're a homeless, alcoholic Scott and you had tourettes... how would they ever know?
Canada also helped in two world wars and gave the world Neil Young, William Shatner, Leonard Cohen, Pamela Anderson, one quarter of Barney Stinson, instant mashed potatoes and best of all - you.
Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother - Season 9 Episode 12
If there is a country that has committed unspeakable atrocities in the world, it is the United States of America. They don’t care for human beings.
The greatest tragedies were written by the Greeks and by Shakespeare. Neither knew chocolate. The Swiss are known for nonviolence. They are also known for superb chocolate.
Life is too short to learn German.
Richard Porson (britischer klassischer Philologe) - 25.12.1759 - 25.09.1808
They say God invented whiskey to stop the Irish from rulin' the world.
Australia... home of every animal that seems like it should already be extinct.
John Oliver (Last Week Tonight)
People moving to Norway has made Norway richer, economically, but also our culture has become more rich in many ways.
You need to find yourself a nice French boyfriend. That's the best way to learn the language. In bed.
Antoine Lambert in Emily in Paris - Season 1 Episode 2
We need to stop the Islamisation of the Netherlands.
Geert Wilders - Februar 2008
In Sicily, women are more dangerous than shotguns.
Calo in The Godfather - Teil 1
Denmark... also known as "wrong Norway", "different Sweden" and "that's actually not Finland".
John Oliver (Last Week Tonight)

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