The best Quotes by Pokimane

The best Quotes by Pokimane

Imane Anys, better known by her online alias Pokimane, is a Canadian Internet personality. She is best known for her live streams on Twitch, broadcasting video game content, most notably in League of Legends and Fortnite. Pokimane is a member of OfflineTV.

It's bouta be 2022 and people are still mad about women in gaming?
December 2021
Don't kill the part of you that's cringe, kill the part that cringes.
January 2022
Yeah, this if my life. Sitting here having people pay to call me "chubby". Does that say more about me or about you?
November 2021
You know you're dead to me when I remove the emojis out of your name in my phone.
October 2021
Honestly, it's got me realizing, maybe we've been thinking about NPCs wrong this whole time.
If you hate me so much, why are you watching my stream for 5 hours straight?
August 2021
Thank you for supporting me to the point where I consider anything more than that unnecessary. To anyone that was more generous- please support growing channels, charities, and treat yourselves.
November 2020, about $5 donation cap
Whenever I go outside, i'm just amazed by how good the graphics are, like, damn..
God rlly popped off!
Let people wear what they want!
Date who they want!
Do what they want!

As long as it doesn't hurt anyone else, mind ya damn business!
I feel like I can play it for a few hours, but I don't really like to stream it. I get a million stream snipers, and then I want to cry.
February 2020, about Fortnite

Quotes about Pokimane

She answered me! Pokimane answered me! I am a man now!

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Taste it? It's like my tongue had a baby with a sunrise.
Guy in Free Guy
I just use zeros and ones instead of words, 'cause words will let you down. But zeros and ones, never.
Keys in Free Guy
Guy: "He's just resting."
Buddy: "In pieces! That man is dead!"
Don't have a good day, have a great day!
Guy in Free Guy
Milly: "Guy, this world, it’s a video game. And it’s full of bad guys. We need you to be the good guy."
Guy: "I’m not going to be the good guy. I’m going to be the great guy."
Milly: "Okay. Well, enjoy your lifetime supply of virginity."
Milly in Free Guy
Guy: "Hey, Bud, do you ever think that there's got to be more?"
Buddy: "More than what?"
Guy: "The stuff we do, day after day. Being shot at, run over, taken hostage..."
Violence is never the answer - except when it is!
I'm here for a good time, not for a long time.
I am under the influence of swag.
Wilbur, if I ever get married, just shoot me.
Will, I have good news and bad news. Good news, I found you a woman. Bad news, she's American.
God, what I wouldn't give to live in Wyoming.
Deo and I have a fragile relationship these days.
When I see Americans and they don't think my content is funny, I think, "I don't find your continent funny."
In all honesty, I think I would be a pretty bad shark.
If there's one thing I love more than women, it's igloos... that's the truth.
Aliens are not real. But bald people are.
How do I get my friend a divorce without him knowing?
Emojis. Or as the ancient Egyptians who invented them called them: Hieroglyphics.
Philomena Cunk in Cunk On Earth - Episode 1
I never feel more Boomer than I do when I'm trying to find what category a specific emoji belongs to.
Shannon: "You never said he was hot."
Tessa: "Yes, I did."
Shannon: "No, you said he was cute. Emojis are cute. That guy is like melting my sunglasses."
Shannon in The In Between
I'm getting princess emojis from people I haven't talked to since high school.
Lord, give me coffee to change the things I can and emojis to accept the things I can't.
Fortnite really is just the perfect storm of a game. You have the fact that it's free to play on almost every platform, and everything about the game is enjoyable.
We see that as Fortnite evolves, it's evolving beyond being a game.
Tim Sweeney (CEO Epic Games)
If you play Fortnite and you're over the age of 13 years old, you've got a psychological problem. There's something wrong with you.
In the world of Fortnite, excitement and friendship converge into an epic adventure. Across battlefields, a community forms, its bonds stronger than storm and gunfire. Each victory carries not just glory, but the memory of shared triumphs. Fortnite, where friends become heroes, and unity is the true Battle Royale.
I think I'll be fine. The only thing I'm really bummed about: I won't be able to play Fortnite.
Tyreek Hill - November 2023, after supposed wrist injury
The only way the army should use Fortnite is to drop it on Isis. Then they'll start playing it 20 hours a day, and we'll have won the War on Terror and that's when we really get to dance.
Perfection is impossible. In the 1,526 singles matches I played in my career, I won almost 80% of those matches. But what percentage of points did I win? 54%! In other words, even top ranked tennis players win barely more than half the points they play. When you lose every second point on average, you learn not to dwell on every shot.
Roger Federer - Juni 2024
We've had a lot of away games in the Champions League this season where we've heard the fans. When I think of the game in Newcastle, where you can hear our fans the whole time, even though it was said beforehand that Newcastle is the loudest stadium in England – that's really saying something. We are looking forward to our fans, they will deliver again in Paris.
I felt like a child amongst all the established players. First of all I had to prove myself in training and earn respect and over several months show what I was capable of.
Florian Wirtz - July 2021

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