Quotes and Lyrics by Pitbull

Quotes and Lyrics by Pitbull

You know what spreads faster than any virus?
Is fear
When it comes to fear you can either forget everything and run
I said I
Or you can face everything and rise
I believe
And let me tell you what I believe
I believe that
I believe we gonna face everything and rise
I believe that we will win
I Believe That We Will Win
I don't play football but I've touched down everywhere, everywhere, everywhere
I don't play baseball but I've hit a home run everywhere, everywhere
I've been to countries and cities I can't pronounce and the places on the globe I didn't know existed
In Romania, she pulled me to the side and told me, "Pit, you can have me and my sister"
International Love, Album: Planet Pit
I got the world on my shoulder, still quick on my feet
Nas say sleep is the cousin of death so I don't sleep
These boys act like they hard but we know that they sweet
They wouldn't bust a grape at a food fight, papo, please
Ocean To Ocean, Album: Aquaman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Always against all odds like Pac said
I'm the living Great Gatsby
But these boys are watching quick and disappear like Banksy
From ocean to ocean, sea to sea
I'm something that you gotta see
Ocean To Ocean, Album: Aquaman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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I mean, they say dou die twice. One time when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time.
If you only ever read one book in your life I highly recommend... keeping your f*cking mouth shut.
Banksy in Cut It Out
A lot of mothers will do anything for their children, except let them be themselves.
Banksy in Wall and Piece
You don't need planning permission to build castles in the sky.
Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.
People say graffiti is ugly, irresponsible and childish. But that's only if it's done properly.
Banksy in Wall and Piece
One original thought is worth 1000 meaningless quotes.
I want to live in a world created by art, not just decorated with it.
People who should be shot:
Fascist thugs,
religious fundamentalists,
people who write lists telling you who should be shot.
Banksy in Wall and Piece
People who enjoy waving flags don't deserve to have one
Banksy in Cut It Out
My main problem with cops is that they do what they're told. They say "Sorry mate, I'm just doing my job" all the f*cking time.
We can't do anything to change the world until capitalism crumbles. In the meantime we should all go shopping to console ourselves.
Banksy in Wall and Piece
I just want to make the world a better looking place. If you don't like it, you can paint over it!
T.V. has made going to the theatre seem pointless, photography has pretty much killed painting but graffiti has remained gloriously unspoilt by progress.
Banksy in Wall and Piece
They say there is a graffiti problem. The only problem with graffiti is that there isn't enough of it.
Banksy in Existencilism
I sucked a lot of breasts to get where I am today.
Banksy in Wall and Piece
People who get up early in the morning cause war, death and famine.
"There's no way you're going to get a quote from us to use on your book cover." - Metropolitan Police Spokesperson
Banksy in Wall and Piece
Graffiti is one of the few tools you have if you have almost nothing. And even if you don't come up with a picture to cure world poverty you can make someone smile while they're having a piss.
Banksy in Banging Your Head Against A Brick Wall
The greatest crimes in the world are not committed by people breaking the rules but by people following the rules. It's people who follow orders that drop bombs and massacre villages.
There's nothing more dangerous than someone who wants to make the world a better place.
There are four basic human needs; food, sleep, sex and revenge.
Some people become cops because they want to make the world a better place, some people become vandals because they want to make the world a better looking place.
Banksy in Wall and Piece
Imagine a city where graffiti wasn't illegal, a city where everybody could draw wherever they liked. Where every street was awash with a million colours and little phrases. Where standing at a bus stop was never boring. A city that felt like a living breathing thing which belonged to everybody, not just the estate agents and barons of big business. Imagine a city like this and stop leaning against that wall - it's wet.
Banksy in Existencilism
A recent survey of North American males found 42% were overweight, 34% were critically obese and 8% ate the survey.
We don't need to worry
'Cause when we fall, we know how to land
Don't need to talk the talk, just walk the walk tonight
'Cause we don't need permission to dance
BTS - Permission to Dance
Don't you think we got another season
That come after spring?
I wanna be your summer
I wanna be your wave
Treat me like a comma
I'll take you to a new phrase
BTS - Waste It On Me, Album: Neon Future III
And I know there's no makin' this right, this right
And I know there's no changing your mind, your mind
But we both found each other tonight, tonight
So if love is nothing more than just a waste of your time

Waste it on me, waste it on me
BTS - Waste It On Me, Album: Neon Future III
She was sayin', "Come get me"
So I got up and followed her to the floor
She said, "Baby, let's go"
When I told her, I said
Yeah, yeah
Usher - Yeah!, Album: Confessions
'Cause I, I, I'm in the stars tonight
So watch me bring the fire and set the night alight
Shinin' through the city with a little funk and soul
So I'ma light it up like dynamite
BTS - Dynamite
This is gettin' heavy, can you hear the bass boom? I'm ready
Life is sweet as honey, yeah, this beat cha-ching like money
BTS - Dynamite
Deep down, you know it's best for yourself, but you
Hate the thought of her bein' with someone else
But you know that it's over, we knew it was through
Let it burn, let it burn, gotta let it burn
Usher - Burn, Album: Confessions

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