Quotes and Voice-Lines from Overwatch

Quotes and Voice-Lines from OverwatchImage-Source: Blizzard Entertainment
Kiriko„Can't change the world by following all the rules.”8 Quotes by KirikoQuotes by KirikoJunker Queen„I'll give you the same mercy you showed my family 13 years ago. Get out of my city!”2 Quotes by Junker QueenQuotes by Junker Queen
TorbjörnZarya: "The suffering of my people rests heavily upon your shoulders, Torbjörn."
Torbjörn: "Believe me, I don't need reminding."12 Quotes by Torbjörn
Quotes by Torbjörn
WinstonMercy: "Winston, are you experiencing any issues with your genetic therapy?"
Winston: "Other than a crippling addiction to peanut butter?"3 Quotes by Winston
Quotes by Winston
MeiMercy: "Mei, you haven't aged a day. What's your secret?"
Mei: "Cryostasis. But I'm not sure if I'd recommend it."2 Quotes by Mei
Quotes by Mei
WidowmakerMoira: "How are you feeling, Lacroix?"
Widowmaker: "I don't feel. That's the point, isn't it?"4 Quotes by Widowmaker
Quotes by Widowmaker
Reinhardt„When all you have is a hammer, everyone else is a nail.”18 Quotes by ReinhardtQuotes by ReinhardtReaperMcCree: "You weren't given those guns to toss 'em away like trash."
Reaper: "I don't take lessons from you."3 Quotes by Reaper
Quotes by Reaper
AnaWidowmaker: "You were once a legend... but what are you now? Just a shell of a woman."
Ana: "I take it you don't want my autograph, then?"13 Quotes by Ana
Quotes by Ana
BaptisteReinhardt: "Where did a medic like you learn to handle a weapon like that?"
Baptiste: "The number of battlefields I've seen, I was bound to pick something up."
LúcioKiriko: "Listened to your album the other day."
Lúcio: "Oh, uh, did you like it?"
Kiriko: "Not sure there was enough bass. I could almost hear the other sounds."
Lúcio: "Ha! I'll crank it up next time!"2 Quotes by Lúcio
Quotes by Lúcio
MercyMei: "Look at all the snow! We should make snow angels!"
Mercy: "Why are you looking at me, Mei?"14 Quotes by Mercy
Quotes by Mercy
PharahCassidy: "Just remember Pharah, we ain't playing with toy guns anymore."
Pharah: "Good, I'm much better with the real thing."3 Quotes by Pharah
Quotes by Pharah
Sojourn„You can love a thing with your whole heart and still know it's time to say goodbye. Even the best journeys end. But a new one is right around the corner. And you never know where that road is gonna take you.”Soldier: 76Cassidy: "I bet you're a big fan of those old fashioned cowboy movies, aren't ya?"
Soldier 76: "I thought I was, until I met you."2 Quotes by Soldier: 76
Quotes by Soldier: 76
GenjiCassidy: "You might be fast, Genji, but you ain't faster than a bullet."
Genji: "Why don't we find out?"3 Quotes by Genji
Quotes by Genji
McCree / Cassidy„Well, it's high noon somewhere in the world.”23 Quotes by McCree / CassidyQuotes by McCree / CassidySombraReinhardt: "Sombra, something is wrong with my phone. It is so slow!"
Sombra: "I'm not tech support, big guy."
Reinhardt: "I know, I know. I'm just not very good with computers."
Sombra: "Have you tried turning it off and on?"4 Quotes by Sombra
Quotes by Sombra
Tracer„Cheers, love! The cavalry's here!”22 Quotes by TracerQuotes by TracerZarya„In my world, bench presses you.”13 Quotes by ZaryaQuotes by ZaryaD.VaCassidy: "D.Va, just tell me one thing: Where'd you learn to shoot like that?"
D.Va: "16-bit Hero!"4 Quotes by D.Va
Quotes by D.Va