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I have nothing against Orlando, though you are, of course, far more likely to get shot or robbed there than in London.

LondonBoris Johnson

The toughest part for me is the city - the people. They've got burgers named after me in Orlando, they've got a Web site saying, "Please stay." I love the people in the city. I've literally sat on the bench with a towel on my head crying, because I feel the passion in the stands.

Orlando MagicDwight Howard

I put a lot into it, and when I am done playing, I plan on going undercover and then being the sheriff or chief of police somewhere, either Miami or Orlando, I don't know yet.

MiamiShaquille O'Neal

I have a home in Orlando. That's kind of my default "getaway" city.

Carrot Top

The attacks in Orlando - the worst mass shooting and the worst attack on the LGBTQ community in our history - shocked the conscience of our nation.

Donald Trump