The best Quotes from Oppenheimer

The best Quotes from Oppenheimer

Here you can find the best Quotes from Oppenheimer, a Universal Pictures film that is set to be released in July 2023. On thyQuotes you can find Quotes by the scientist Robert Oppenheimer, who played a big role in the development of the first nuclear weapons.

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You are the man who gave them the power to destroy themselves. And the world is not prepared.
Niels Bohr
Robert Oppenheimer: "Our work here will ensure peace mankind has never seen."
Edward Teller: "Until somebody builds a bigger one."
Leslie Groves: "Are we saying there's a chance that when we push that button, we destroy the world?"
Robert Oppenheimer: "Chances are near zero."
J. Robert Oppenheimer
We've got one hope. All of America's industrial might and scientific innovation connected here.
J. Robert Oppenheimer
World War II would be over. Our boys would come home.
Lewis Strauss
Leslie Groves: "Die haben 12 Monate Vorsprung."
Robert Oppenheimer: "18."
Leslie Groves: "Woher wollen Sie das bitte wissen?"
We imagine a future, and our imaginings horrify us. They won't fear it until they understand it. And they won't understand it until they've used it.

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The optimist thinks that this is the best of all possible worlds. The pessimist knows it.
I am become death, the destroyer of worlds.
In some sort of crude sense, which no vulgarity, no humor, no overstatement can quite extinguish, the physicists have known sin; and this is a knowledge which they cannot lose.
Science is not everything, but science is very beautiful.
The peoples of this world must unite or they will perish.
No man should escape our universities without knowing how little he knows.
There are children playing in the streets who could solve some of my top problems in physics, because they have modes of sensory perception that I lost long ago.
To try to be happy is to try to build a machine with no other specification than that it shall run noiselessly.
Robert Oppenheimer - October 1929
I need physics more than friends.
The atomic bomb made the prospect of future war unendurable. It has led us up those last few steps to the mountain pass; and beyond there is a different country.
Any man whose errors take ten years to correct is quite a man.
Now I feel I have an unspoken deal with the paparazzi: "I won't do anything publicly interesting if you agree not to follow me."
The better the actor, the less you know about his life.
It's better to be a fake somebody than a real nobody.
I've been waiting for this moment for a long, long time. This is like when I lost my virginity, except this is gonna last way longer than one second.
I've always been a movie guy, movies have been my thing. I love movies, all kinds of movies.
I never considered myself a lucky person. I'm the most extraordinary pessimist. I truly am.
I just love photographing things and putting them together to tell a story.
One of the things you do as a writer and as a filmmaker is grasp for resonant symbols and imagery without necessarily fully understanding it yourself.
Superheroes fill a gap in the pop culture psyche, similar to the role of Greek mythology. There isn't really anything else that does the job in modern terms. For me, Batman is the one that can most clearly be taken seriously.
For people who have... had curve balls thrown at them, it is easier to digest change and digest change in other people. Change only scares the small-minded.
All cultures are different. Some commit genocide. Some are uniquely peaceful. Some frequent bathhouses in groups. Some don't show each other the soles of their shoes or like pictures taken of them. Some have enormous hunting festivals or annual stretches when nobody speaks. Some don't use electricity.
My family would be supportive if I said I wanted to be a Martian, wear only banana skins, make love to ashtrays, and eat tree bark.
I have a very bad relationship with mice.
When I was young, I asked my priest how you could get to Heaven and still protect yourself from all the evil in the world. He told me what God said to his children. You are sheep among wolves. Be wise as serpents, yet innocent as doves.

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