The best Quotes by Nilah, the Joy Unbound

The best Quotes by Nilah, the Joy Unbound

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I prefer my enemies several stories tall. Keeps things fair.
May these battles ink the pages of history.
The river of fate drowns the unworthy.
I need only three weapons: water, muscle, mind.
You speak with great passion but zero brain. Where have you left your mind?
True happiness lies in the heart of battle. Let us claim it!
Old Camavor's evil ends where it began... with a broken heart.
Strange. I feel a third presence, something far older...
League of Legends - to Kindred
Joy is not an easy power to master. It infects you. Becomes you.
You left Viego on our doorstep, Sentinel. Not very neighborly.
My legend remains unwritten.
They can't remember the woman I was, but will know the hero I am.
May you find joy in the world beyond.
I know your name, Sahn Uzal. You are weak to fear death.
League of Legends - to Mordekaiser
Evil hides in every corner of the world. But I always find it.
How many times must I embarrass you, Malcolm Graves?
League of Legends - to Graves
The bigger they are the better the fight.
Your ancestors and mine once shared a homeland, Darha.
Lord of fear, I know what you really are and I know how to kill you.
League of Legends - to Fiddlesticks
My past is gone, traded for the strength to do good.
I exist in but a single moment. Eternal, unbreaking bliss.
I am Nilah of the seventh layer. Let us begin!

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In a world without love, death means nothing.
Love is not so easily dissuaded.
Long before blades and sorcery are needed, words... can save a soul.
Wear a mask long enough, and you forget the face beneath.
Rhaast: "A craftsman never blames his tools."
Kayn: "I will make an exception in this case."
Rhaast: "With the Ora you wield, we could destroy everything!"
Kayn: "With all the stupid things you say, we could fill a library."
The only true death is to never live.
Wolf: "I see water!"
Lamb: "They are called tears."
What's in my violin case? Violence.
I accidentally did that on purpose.
What's that smell? Oh, it's me.
The only thing the sun's good for is what it does to milk.
Hate and love are just two words for passion.
Every smile is just a frown waiting to be turned upside down.
It's a sad truth that those who shine brightest often burn fastest.
What is truth, but a survivor's story?
Silco in Arcane - Season 1 Episode 5
I like my weapons how I like my music, heavy and metal.
Fools fear death, the strong wield it.
My profession? You know, now that I think of it... I always wanted to be a baker.
How many times must I die before I learn to live?
Victors are the sole authors of history. Time to write our chapter.
They say I don't know when to quit. Like that's a weakness.
Keep a man down long enough, and the gutter becomes his kingdom.
Captains told me to kill fish, fish told me to kill captains, makes sense.
Hey, is there a doctor on hand? Asking for my opponents.
Ugh, hey anyone know whose teeth are stuck in my knuckles?
Sorry boys, I keep the fuzzy cuffs at home.
Me, miss? Not by a long shot!

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