The best Quotes by Niffty

The best Quotes by Niffty

Niffty is a sinner demon who works as both the maid and cook for the Hazbin Hotel and is one of the main characters in Hazbin Hotel. She was summoned to work in the Hotel along with Husk by their mutual associate, Alastor.

Hi, I'm Niffty! It's nice to meet you! It's been a while since I've made new friends!
Hazbin Hotel - Season 1 Episode 1

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You think you can just buy me with a wink and some cheap booze?! Well, you can!
Husk in Hazbin Hotel - Season 1 Episode 1
Angel Dust: "'I'm a bad man who never got enough hugs. Where's an innocent kid I can sell crack to?' Who wrote this?"
Charlie Morningstar: "It's great, right? Keep going!"
For the first time in our lives
We know that we are ready for this
We'll show heaven in a fight they won't forget
It's time to take a stand
It's time to lend a hand
Against the angels and their deadly threat
We cannot take it anymore
The time has come to go to war
Prepare to fight, we're ready for...
Hazbin Hotel - Season 1
This place is about second chances. To convince Heaven the people of Hell can be redeemed.
Well, hello there, you wayward sinner. Do you like blood, violence, and depravity of a sexual nature? Of course you do! That's why you're in Hell. What would you say if I told you there was a place to stay that had none of that? Welcome to the Hazbin Hotel. Your last desperate attempt at salvation starts here.
Alastor in Hazbin Hotel - Season 1 Episode 1
Husk: "Why do you think I'm here? You actually think I'd be cleaning bottles and listening to you f*cks b*tch and moan all the time if he wasn't forcing me?"
Niffty: "I like being forced."
Husk: "Keep that to yourself, Niff."
Husk in Hazbin Hotel - Season 1 Episode 1
This body was made to be exploited. I got the arms, I got the stamina, I got the legs, I got the lung capacity, the gag reflex, the holes, the chest fluff everyone thinks are t*ts... I can keep going all night, baby!
Angel Dust in Hazbin Hotel - Season 1 Episode 1
This body is flawless! Everyone wants summa me, and I've got the creepy fan letters to prove it!
Angel Dust in Hazbin Hotel - Season 1 Episode 1
Husk: "Call me 'Whiskers' again and I'll jam that bottle down your throat!"
Angel: "Kinky! Come on, keep talking dirty!"
Angel Dust in Hazbin Hotel - Season 1 Episode 1
But, life isn't a musical, hon.
Vaggie in Hazbin Hotel - Season 1 Episode 1
We're in Hell, tots, that's kind of the end of the road, ain't it?
Angel Dust in Hazbin Hotel - Season 1 Episode 1
We lost so many souls, and it breaks my heart to see my people being slaughtered every year. No one is even given a chance! I can't stand idly by while the place I live is subjected to such violence! So, I've been thinking: Isn't there a more humane way to hinder overpopulation here in Hell? Perhaps we can create an alternative way to change souls through... redemption? Well, I think yes! So, that's what this project aims to achieve! Ladies and gentlemen, I'm opening the first of its kind! A hotel that rehabilitates sinners!
Charlie Morningstar in Hazbin Hotel - Season 1 Episode 1
Once upon a time there was a glowing city protected by golden gates, known as Heaven. It was ruled by beings of pure light. Angels that worshiped good and shielded all from evil. Lucifer was one of these angels. He was a dreamer with fantastical ideas for all of creation. But he was seen as a troublemaker by the elders of Heaven, for they felt his way of thinking was dangerous to the order of their world. So he watched as the angels began to expand the universe in their ways. From the dust of earth they created Adam and Lilith, equals as the first of mankind. But despite this, Adam demanded control and Lilith refused to submit to his will. She fled the garden, drawn in by her fierce independence, Lucifer found her and the two rebellious dreamers fell deeply in love. Together, they wished to share the magic of free will with humanity, offering the fruit of knowledge to Adam's new bride, Eve, who gladly accepted. But this gift came with a curse, for with this single act of disobedience, evil finally found its way into earth, with it a new realm of darkness and sin, and the order Heaven had worked to maintain was shattered. As punishment for their reckless act, Heaven cast Lucifer and his love into the dark pit he had created, never allowing him to see the good that came from humanity. Only the cruel and the wicked. Ashamed, Lucifer lost his will to dream but Lilith thrived, empowering demonkind with her voice and her songs. And as the numbers of Hell grew so did its power. Threatened by this, Heaven made a truly heartless decision that every year they would send down an army, an extermination, to ensure Hell and its sinners could never rise against them. But Lilith's hope remained and her dream was passed down to their precious daughter, the Princess of Hell.
Hazbin Hotel - Season 1 Episode 1
We're not defined by what we los. We're defined by what we survive.
Jecki Lon in Star Wars: The Acolyte - Season 1 Episode 4

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