NFL - The best Quotes by players and about NFL-clubs

Here you can find the best Quotes and Phrases from the NFL, the National Football League. You're looking for a funny Quote by your favorite football player or about your favorite NFL club? On thyQuotes you can find Quotes about American Football aswell.

NFL - The best Quotes by players and about NFL-clubs
American Football„Tackling is an attitude, you have to want to.”- Kam Chancellor45 Quotes about American FootballQuotes about American FootballTampa Bay Buccaneers„We're playing in this very, very cool arena where Bayern Munich plays, kind of the country's top soccer team, and it looks amazing in pictures. The chance to go across to another country, play a sport that I love... there's 3 million ticket requests for 67,000 seats. So the place is gonna be rocking and if it's anything like what I see in those German Bundesliga games this is gonna be one of the most epic games that we've ever played in. So I'm super excited.”- Tom Brady17 Quotes about Tampa Bay BuccaneersQuotes about Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Tom Brady„When you're one of the leaders of the team, there are no days off.”19 Quotes by Tom BradyQuotes by Tom BradySuper Bowl„Our main story tonight concerns the World Cup. It's like the Super Bowl, except the rest of the world actually gives a f-ck.”- John Oliver28 Quotes about Super BowlQuotes about Super BowlLos Angeles Rams„Finally, the Super Bowl has come back to Los Angeles. It is time. Time for a team to unleash a soul-crushing, unrelenting defense, a head-spinning onslaught of an offense and take care of unfinished business, right here, right now. Ladies and gentlemen, the champions of the NFC... your Los Angeles Rams!”- Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson14 Quotes about Los Angeles RamsQuotes about Los Angeles RamsAaron Donald„I wanted this so bad. I dreamed this, man. I dreamed this. And it's like - it's surreal!”10 Quotes by Aaron DonaldQuotes by Aaron DonaldMatthew Stafford„That game today is the story of our season. It's up and down, it's tough, we showed up late and got it done.”7 Quotes by Matthew StaffordQuotes by Matthew StaffordCooper Kupp„The resilience that we have in the playoffs was unbelievable. Offense, defense, special teams... whoever needed to step up and make a play, they did.”7 Quotes by Cooper KuppQuotes by Cooper KuppJoe Burrow„I think if you would have told me before the season that we'd be going to the Super Bowl, I probably would have called you crazy. Then, you know, we play the whole season and nothing surprises me now.”10 Quotes by Joe BurrowQuotes by Joe Burrow
Ja'Marr Chase„I don't think I can be stopped.”4 Quotes by Ja'Marr ChaseQuotes by Ja'Marr ChaseCincinnati Bengals„It is time. Time for a team that has risen from the ashes to become one of the most feared, dominant, absolutely electrifying teams in the NFL. Time to give their city their first Super Bowl win in franchise history. Ladies and gentlemen, the champions of the AFC... your Cincinnati Bengals!”- Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson16 Quotes about Cincinnati BengalsQuotes about Cincinnati BengalsPatrick Mahomes„To be in this moment in this game against that team, to make a play to walk off a game at Arrowhead - I'll remember this game for the rest of my life.”13 Quotes by Patrick MahomesQuotes by Patrick MahomesKansas City Chiefs„To be in this moment in this game against that team, to make a play to walk off a game at Arrowhead - I'll remember this game for the rest of my life.”- Patrick Mahomes8 Quotes about Kansas City ChiefsQuotes about Kansas City ChiefsSan Francisco 49ers„I look forward to helping this group grow. I think that one of my best attributes is leadership and helping guys get the best out of themselves. And I think that at the end of the day, that's all I want to do. I want to help them become better men and better players.”- Richard Sherman10 Quotes about San Francisco 49ersQuotes about San Francisco 49ersGreen Bay PackersLily: "We don't wanna burden our little angel with all kinds of gender-specific expectations. Boys can do ballet, girls can play football."
Marshall: "Hell, the Green Bay Packers have been proving that for years."- Marshall Eriksen13 Quotes about Green Bay Packers
Quotes about Green Bay Packers
Philadelphia Eagles„Philadelphia, baby. You're gonna love it. Best sports fans in the world. Actually the worst, but that's what makes 'em the best.”- Hustle4 Quotes about Philadelphia EaglesQuotes about Philadelphia Eagles
Jimmy Garoppolo„It's been a hell of a ride. I love you guys. See ya!”12 Quotes by Jimmy GaroppoloQuotes by Jimmy GaroppoloBill Belichick„To live in the past is to die in the present.”5 Quotes by Bill BelichickQuotes by Bill BelichickNew England Patriots„My time in New England was great. I thank them for everything.”- Jimmy Garoppolo12 Quotes about New England PatriotsQuotes about New England PatriotsAaron Rodgers„I don't want my views bolstering the anti-vaxxers and triggering the vaxxed people. I want to be somebody who has an opinion, who shares it, who does research, but who is also open to hearing both sides.”11 Quotes by Aaron RodgersQuotes by Aaron RodgersDak Prescott„I'm excited to be here and never leave. This is my home. I'm a Cowboy. This is only the beginning.”9 Quotes by Dak PrescottQuotes by Dak Prescott