Quotes and Sayings about Netflix

Quotes and Sayings about Netflix

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If you're not careful, Netflix & Chill can turn into Disney+ & Children pretty damn fast.
See what's next.
The woke mind virus is making Netflix unwatchable.
Elon Musk - April 2022
For me, personally, I watch pretty much everything on Netflix, and I watch all the episodes in a row, when I can.
If the Starbucks secret is a smile when you get your latte... ours is that the Web site adapts to the individual's taste.
Reed Hastings (Netflix CEO)
There is a revolution happening, and within two years I think that Wi-Fi and Netflix will be built into all the televisions.
Anybody that doesn't like Netflix, that's like saying you hate Santa Claus.
All I do is sit at home and watch Netflix.
I don't own cable, but my TV came with a Netflix button.

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Most entrepreneurial ideas will sound crazy, stupid and uneconomic, and then they'll turn out to be right.
I've worked very hard, but my life's always been fun.
Great leaders, like Steve Jobs or Jeff Bezos, also focused on the long term.
You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.
"There's perfect men around every corner", said God an made the Earth round.
Working out makes people more comfortable with their naked bodies. So does Tequila.
Burn rubber not gasoline.
All dreams are crazy. Until they come true.
(Nike) - Dirk Nowitzki Spot
Heros come and go, but legends are forever.
(Nike) - The Black Mamba
Facebook is manipulating the public almost everywhere on Earth. That is why they won't open source their algorithm.
Elon Musk - August 2023
ChatGPT is scary good. We are not far from dangerously strong AI.
Elon Musk - December 2022
Twitter is the PvP of social media.
Elon Musk - January 2023
Just because you're offended, doesn't mean you're right!
The thing about this case, I need to win it in court and I need to win in the court of public opinion. The world is quick to cancel these days. Just take a look at my Twitter feed.
Trevor Elliott in The Lincoln Lawyer - Season 1 Episode 1
Good luck trying to cancel me!
I am so like Donna it's funny. And most of my friends are guys too.
Sure you want to meet that soul mate and fall in love and have the big thing, but until that happens, you gotta kiss a lot of frogs.
I never think of myself as any kind of sex symbol, but I get letters from all over, all sorts. It's really cool. I get a lot from inmates, which is kind of scary. But the best was the guy who wanted to send me a plane ticket to fly me to his prom.
Hercules, huh? That guy was like the Starbucks of Ancient Greece. Everywhere you turn - there he is.
Rick Riordan in Percy Jackson - The Heroes of Olympus 3: The Mark of Athena
Brett Hand: "Question. Is this place evil?"
Reagan: "Uh, is Facebook evil? Is Starbucks evil?"
Reagan Ridley in Inside Job - Season 1 Episode 1
Starbucks is planning to sell beer and wine. Seems like selling $10 coffee to sober customers gets harder every day.
Television is a medium of entertainment which permits millions of people to listen to the same joke at the same time, and yet remain lonesome.
You'll never see a Lamborghini commercial in TV again. People who are able to afford a Lamborghini have better things to do than watching TV.
I like to talk on TV about those things that aren't worth writing about.
I think I'm going to refrain from criticizing Apple too much. I mean, that's been a pretty great company.
The only thing I command is respect.
I love the gym; I love basketball. I'm really passionate about it.
Looking back, the biggest mistake I made was feeling ashamed of it. Acne is a part of life. You don't need to be embarrassed of it.
Social media... it's the future for the new generation.

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