Quotes by Nairobi

Nairobi is a character from Money Heist

Quotes by Nairobi

Actually, I believe you keep on living in the final thought you have the moment before you die.

Nairobi in Money Heist, Season 5 Episode 5

Oh, really, you love no one? Of course not, honey. You don't have the balls. You need courage to love!

LoveNairobi in Money Heist, Season 3 Episode 5

Are you a complete idiot or what? You've heard of Stockholm-Syndrom, right?

Nairobi in Money Heist, Season 2 Episode 1

Nairobi: "I want that man so much, he makes me feel so horny, I can't even stand it!"
Tokio: "Well, I can't tell."
Nairobi: "You can?"
Tokio: "No."
Nairobi: "I bet he can."

Nairobi in Money Heist, Season 1 Episode 5