Quotes by Mr. Garrison

Mr. Garrison is a character from South Park

Quotes by Mr. Garrison

Mr Garrison: "What is 5x2? Come on, children. Don't be shy, just give it your best shot. Yes, Clyde?"
Clyde: "12?"
Mr Garrison: "Okay, now let's try to get an answer from someone who's not a complete retard."

Mr. Garrison in South Park

Mr. Garrison: "Then maybe you can tell me who was in charge of the feminist movement of the early sixties."
Eric Cartman: "A bunch of fat old sk-nks on their periods?"
Mr. Garrison: "Right, but who was the fattest oldest sk-nk on her period?"

Mr. Garrison in South Park, Season 7 Episode 5

Mr. Garrison: "Where are you from?"
Damien: "The Seventh Layer of Hell."
Mr. Garrison: "Oh, my mother was from Alabama."

AlabamaMr. Garrison in South Park, Season 1 Episode 10