The best Quotes about Moving in & Moving out

The best Quotes about Moving in & Moving out

I hope your apartment will always be too small to accommodate all your friends.
Helping someone move is like oral sex. You do it once and they owe you for life.

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Never say goodbye, because goodbye means going away - and going away means forgetting.
There’s a difference between saying good bye and letting go. Saying good bye is 'I'll see you again when I'm ready to hold your hand, and when you're ready to hold mine.' Letting go is 'I'll miss your hand. But I realized it's not mine to hold, and I will never hold it again.'
I'd give up all the world to see that little piece of heaven looking back at me.
Now that it's over, I just wanna hold her.
I've gotta live with the choices I made and I can't live with myself today.
Skillet - Lucy, Album: Awake
Sometimes, we think we're strong for holding on. But true strength lies in letting go.
Promise me you'll never forget me because if I thought you would, I'd never leave.
We leave something of ourselves behind when we leave a place, we stay there, even though we go away. And there are things in us that we can find again only by going back there.
Goodbye may seem forever, farewell is like the end.
But in my heart's the memory and there you'll always be.
Widow Tweed in The Fox and the Hound
You're my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye.
Goodbye without reasons is the most painful one.
Love without reasons is the most beautiful one.
You know it, it it takes seconds to say hello
But forever to say goodbye
Moving on is easy, but what you leave behind
Is what makes it hard
Tyga - Love Games, Album: Careless World: Rise Of The Last King
Every meeting led to a parting, and so it would, as long as life was mortal. In every meeting there was some of the sorrow of parting, but in everything parting there was some of the joy of meeting as well.
Goodbye is the birth of memories.
Saying goodbye doesn't mean anything. It's the time we spent together that matters, not how we left it.
But he was home. Hogwarts was the first and best home he had known. He and Voldemort and Snape, the abandoned boys, had all found home here.
It's like you're homesick for a place that doesn't even exist.
I look at you, and I... and I'm home. Please! I don't want that to go away. I don't want to forget.
Dory in Finding Nemo
Go back to your books, your fireplace. Plant your trees, watch them grow. If more of us valued home above gold, it would be a merrier world.
Thorin Eichenschild in The Hobbit - The Battle of the Five Armies
It's a funny thing about comin' home. Looks the same, smells the same, feels the same. You'll realize what's changed is you.
Home is a hard place to leave, even if you are unhappy there.
Alexander in King's Quest - VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow
Tell the World I'm coming home
Let the rain wash away
All the pain of yesterday
I know my kingdom awaits
And they've forgiven my mistakes
Sean Combs - Coming Home
I am laying in my bed, in my house and all I want to do is go home.
Where we love is home - home that our feet may leave, but not our hearts.
You must go on a long journey before you can really find out how wonderful home is.
Tove Jansson - Moominland
Home can only be discovered abroad.
Fortune likes to visit houses with happy people in them.
Here's kind of my motto - if you're not happy at home, you're not happy anywhere else.
Neighbors are friends. Friends tell friends the truth.
Dusan Mirkovic in Downsizing
The Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and also to love our enemies; probably because generally they are the same people.
You know, you should always be polite to your neighbors. You never know when you might need to borrow some sugar.
You shouldn't be so grumpy to someone who's new in the neighbourhood!
To hear that your neighbor was worse off than yourself was not an altogether unpleasant experience.
You want to know what your neighbours think about you? Start a fight with them.
The Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and also to love our enemies; probably because generally they are the same people.
Empathy is born out of the old biblical injunction "Love the neighbor as thyself."
Always live in the ugliest house on the street - then you don't have to look at it.
The impersonal hand of government can never replace the helping hand of a neighbor.
If your neighbor has a completely different view on abortion, gay marriage, stem cell research, all of those things, you still are both Americans. Neither one of you is necessarily more patriotic than the other. Neither loves their country any more than the other one does.
This is New York City, don't get close to the neighbours. You nod at them politely in the hall, you call the cops if you haven't seen them in a while and you smell something funny and that's it!
Ted Mosby in How I Met Your Mother - Season 3 Episode 11
Because nothing sucks more than feeling all alone, no matter how many people are around.
J.D. in Scrubs - Season 2 Episode 18
You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on.
Sometimes in life when you get what you want, you end up missing what you left behind.
J.D.: "What's wrong with me?"
Dr. Cox: "You're an annoying, whining man-child."
J.D.: "That question wasn't directed to you!"
Dr. Cox: "What question?"
Perry Cox in Scrubs - Season 7 Episode 1
Nothing in this world that's worth having comes easy.
Bob Kelso in Scrubs - Season 4 Episode 20
Elliot: "When did you meet Morgan Freeman?"
Turk: "That's my mom."
Elliot: "I like her freckles."
Elliot Reid in Scrubs - Season 1 Episode 2
One way or another, everyone stops bleeding.
Christopher Turk in Scrubs - Season 1 Episode 1

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