Quotes about Movies, Cinema and Directors

Quotes about Movies, Cinema and Directors

Well, you need the villain. If you don't have a villain, the good guy can stay home.
I think it is very important that films make people look at what they've forgotten.
When I go to movies I generally want to be taken to another world.
The downside of videos is that it will put my vision in front of other people, so they might not get the chance to create their own.
A good opening and a good ending make for a good film provide they come close together.
Cinema can fill in the empty spaces of your life and your loneliness.
I don't want to imitate life in movies; I want to represent it. And in that representation, you use the colors you feel, and sometimes they are fake colors. But always it's to show one emotion.
A good director creates an environment, which gives the actor the encouragement to fly.
You make a film to distract people, to interest them, perhaps to make them think, perhaps to help them be a little less naive, a little better than they were.
Cinema gives you the opportunity to be both a grandparent and a grandchild whereas in life you cannot be both at the same time.
Cinema is an art form, a result of dedication of a number of people.
There's nothing better than going to the movies and going into another world, and forgetting about everything that's happening outside.
There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.
Always make the audience suffer as much as possible.
Cinema is a great binding force for a nation.
The director is the only person who knows what the film is about.
Books are my art. The movie is someone else's art. But it's great marketing for books.
When people ask me if I went to film school I tell them, 'no, I went to films.'
The only way to get rid of my fears is to make films about them.
Learning to make films is very easy. Learning what to make films about is very hard.

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Acting is like lying. The art of lying well. I'm paid to tell elaborate lies.
I think that with any emotion - fear, love, nervousness - if the actor's feeling it, then the audience feels it.
Acting is stupid. Everybody's like, "How can you remain with a level head?" And I'm like, "Why would I ever get cocky? I'm not saving anybody's life. There are doctors who save lives and firemen who run into burning buildings. I'm making movies."
Wave after wave of love flooded the stage and washed over me, the beginning of the one great durable romance of my life.
I try to bring all my sincerity to the character I play. That way, I am dedicated.
I know it's a craze in Bollywood to have six-pack abs, but here, it's not the abs or the biceps that make us feel or look macho. Down south, the moustache still works for us.
I would love to work in a Bollywood film as there is so much drama and colour in the films there.
One of the weird things about Hollywood is we're all imposters; we're all just glammed up.
I find Hollywood really toxic.
People in Hollywood don't have that much sex, or at least I don't.
In feature films the director is God; in documentary films God is the director.
Revenge is sweet and not fattening.
Drama is life with the dull bits cut out.
Hospitals are places that you have to stay in for a long time, even if you are a visitor. Time doesn't seem to pass in the same way in hospitals as it does in other places. Time seems to almost not exist in the same way as it does in other places.
Cinema has become my life. I don't mean a parallel world, I mean my life itself. I sometimes have the impression that the daily reality is simply there to provide material for my next film.
Usually, the evil guys are the more appealing roles.
Word to the wise writer: never underestimate your secondary characters! But watch them... they sneak off with stuff.
I live in New York City, the stories of my films take place in New York; I'm a New York filmmaker.
I've always wanted to introduce hip-hop filmmaking to film. There's hip-hop art, dance, music, but there really isn't hip-hop film. So I was trying to do that.
I'm a songwriter first.
A different language is a different vision of life.
Critics can be your most important friend. I don't read criticism of my stuff only because when it's bad, it's rough-and when it's good, it's not good enough.
My father wanted me to be a pharmacist like himself. He had been a doctor, but he no longer believed in medicine; so he became a pharmacist, but he believed in that hardly more.
In the total darkness, poetry is still there, and it is there for you.
Friendship is accepting a person with all their qualities - good and bad.
The world worries about disability more than disabled people do.
No matter how big you are, when you go back home, your family treats you like a normal person.
There's always some room for improvisation.
If the reader cares, I don't think it matters so much whether your hero is in fact an anti-hero.
A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone.
Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones - Season 1 Episode 2

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