The best Quotes from Motherless Brooklyn

The best Quotes from Motherless Brooklyn

Motherless Brooklyn is a 2019 American neo-noir crime film written, produced, and directed by Edward Norton, based on the 1999 novel of the same name by Jonathan Lethem.

Power is knowing that you can do whatever you want, and not one person can stop you.
Moses Randolph
When someone isn’t seen for what they truly are, that’s a very dangerous thing.
Paul Randolph
Okay, listen. I got something wrong with me. That’s the first thing to know. I twitch and shout a lot. It makes me look like a damn freak show. But inside my head is an even bigger mess. I can’t stop twisting things around, words and sounds especially. I have to keep playing with them until they come out right.
Lionel Essrog
He’s the one who taught me how to use my head, turn it into a strength. He gave me a place in this crappy world, until I screwed up.
Lionel Essrog
Someday I'd change my name to Shut Up and save everybody a lot of time.
Consensual reality is both fragile and elastic, and it heals like the skin of a bubble.
Enough of this. Does every conversation with you have to be the director's cut?
How strange it began to seem that cars have bodies that never are supposed to touch, a disaster if they do.
There is nothing Tourettic about the New York City subways.
I'm always serious. That's the tragedy of my life.
Waves, sky, trees, Essrog - I was off the page now, away from the grammar of skyscrapers and pavement.
Prince's music calmed me as much as masturbation or a cheeseburger.
The wind was picking up off the ocean now and the whole coastal scene had a bleak, abandoned look, as though Maine in November really belonged to the ragged gulls who wheeled over the sun.

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You can't be deep without a surface.
'I want what we all want,' said Carl. 'To move certain parts of the interior of myself into the exterior world, to see if they can be embraced.'
Listen to me. I’m shy. I’m not stupid. I can’t meet people’s eyes. I don’t know if you understand what that’s like. There’s a whole world going on around me, I’m aware of that. It’s not because I don’t want to look at you, Lucinda. It’s that I don’t want to be seen.
To the resentment that hides inside love, to the loneliness that hides among companions.
It's better for people to miss you than to have seen too much of you.
I've always thought of acting as more of an exercise in empathy, which is not to be confused with sympathy. You're trying to get inside a certain emotional reality or motivational reality and try to figure out what that's about so you can represent it.
Just because you've made a couple movies, you've done some good movies, you've been nominated for some Academy Awards, whatever, nobody's entitled. It's a business. If they don't see it, I can think they're wrong, but I'm not entitled to a $15 million budget to make a film.
The more you can create that magic bubble, that suspension of disbelief, for a while, the better.
I'm fascinated by the ways in which people express themselves, because their responses are often counter to what they're actually feeling. Like when they're frightened, they tend to freeze. When they're angry, it doesn't always come out as volume. There are wonderful contradictions in the way that people express their emotions.
I'm much more proud of being a father than being an actor.
Hair loss is God's way of telling me I'm human.
You can't undo the past... but you can certainly not repeat it.
Remember, with great power. comes great responsibility!
Uncle Ben in Spider-Man
It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.
The heart can be tough to change, but the mind can be tough to persuade.
Grand Pabbie in Frozen -
Maine - you can spit on Canada from here!
Walk until the darkness is a memory, and you become the sun on the next traveler's horizon.
Kobe Bryant in Training Camp

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