Quotes by Molly Ivins

Mary Tyler "Molly" Ivins was an American newspaper columnist, author, political commentator, and humorist. Born in California and raised in Texas, Ivins attended Smith College and the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

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It really is possible to disagree with someone's policies without hating them. Grown-ups can do that.

- Molly IvinsOpinions

I dearly love the state of Texas, but I consider that a harmless perversion on my part and discuss it only with consenting adults.

- Molly IvinsTexas

I've always found it easier to be funny than to be serious.

- Molly IvinsHumor & Comedy, Seriousness

Satire is traditionally the weapon of the powerless against the powerful.

- Molly IvinsSatire

I never saw anything funnier than Texas politics.

- Molly IvinsTexas