Quotes and Lyrics by MIKA

Quotes and Lyrics by MIKA

Michael Holbrook Penniman Jr. (born 18 August 1983), known professionally as MIKA, is a singer-songwriter born in Beirut, Lebanon, and raised in Paris and London.

I went walking with my mamma one day
When she warned me what people say
"Live your life until love is found
Cuz love's gonna get you down"
Lollipop, Album: Life in Cartoon Motion
Wake up in the mornin', stumble on my life
Can't get no love without sacrifice
Happy Ending, Album: Life in Cartoon Motion
This is the hardest story that I've ever told
No hope or love or glory, happy endings gone forever more
Happy Ending, Album: Life in Cartoon Motion
If we are all in the gutter
It doesn't change who we are
'Cause some of us in the gutter
Are looking up at the stars
Good Guys, Album: No Place In Heaven
And to the romance when I was 14 years old
And to my heroes that were dressed up in gold
Only hoping one day I could be so bold
Where have all the gay guys gone?
Good Guys, Album: No Place In Heaven
I tried to be like Grace Kelly, mm
But all her looks were too sad, ah
So I tried a little Freddie, mm
I've gone identity mad!
Grace Kelly, Album: Life in Cartoon Motion
Emily, it's your life
And you can't live it twice
Emily, Album: The Origin of Love
Love's gonna get you down.

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So you're single? In Paris? Now I'm even more jealous. I mean, your life is croissants and sex.
Madeline Wheeler in Emily in Paris - Season 1 Episode 3
I make the most money, I think, in Russia and Paris, for the people of those countries are so willing to be amused, so eager to see something new and out of the ordinary.
If Paris is a city of lights, Sydney is the city of fireworks.
An artist has no home in Europe except in Paris.
Quagmire: "You got to help me. I'm looking for a little boy with red overalls and a yellow shirt."
French Man: "You are looking to buy or to rent?"
Quagmire: "What? No! God! How is Paris considered a classy city?"
French Man: "The buildings are beautiful, the people are trash."
Do you realize this city is laid out in circles? Like they deliberately designed it to confuse us.
Emily Cooper in Emily in Paris - Season 1 Episode 2
Paris seems like a big city, but it's really just a small town.
Camille in Emily in Paris - Season 1 Episode 4
Of course, I love Paris. And the food is so delicious. The fashion, so chic. The lights, so magical. But the people, so mean.
Mindy Chen in Emily in Paris - Season 1 Episode 1
It's Paris. Everyone's serious about dinner.
Mindy Chen in Emily in Paris - Season 1 Episode 2
You haven't done Paris right until you've had at least one wildly inappropriate affair.
Mindy Chen in Emily in Paris - Season 1 Episode 4
What's the name of that famous museum in Paris? The Louvre? I went through that place in 20 minutes.
The Parisian has his amus*ments as regularly as his meals, the theatre, music, the dance, a walk in the Tuilleries, a refection in the cafe, to which ladies resort as commonly as the other sex. Perpetual business, perpetual labor, is a thing of which he seems to have no idea.
It is strange with how little notice, good, bad, or indifferent, a man may live and die in London.
If you're curious, London's an amazing place.
I've often thought a blind man could find his way through London simply by gauging the changes in innuendo: mild through Trafalgar Square, less veiled towards the river.
Louis Bayard - Mr. Timothy
I have nothing against Orlando, though you are, of course, far more likely to get shot or robbed there than in London.
I don't miss London much. I find it crowded, vast and difficult to get around. Cabs are incredibly expensive.
London. The beating heart of England.
England is my home. London is my home. New York feels like, if I have to spend a year living in an unfamiliar city, this is a pretty lovely one to spend a year in, but I will be going home at the end of it, certainly.
Fashion needs fresh blood, and London is the most creative place for that.
Look at London or Paris: they're both filthy. You don't get that in Tokyo. The proud residents look after their city.
By seeing London, I have seen as much of life as the world can show.
I love to come to L.A. to visit, and then I like to come to rainy old London because it's home.
In London I feel free; nobody bothers anyone and everyone is free to express themselves.
Someone will always be prettier.
Someone will always be smarter.
Someone will always be younger.
But they will never be you.
You don't need me to tell you what's gone wrong
You know what's going on
And it seems to me we've not cared enough
Or confided in each other at all
It seems like we've all got our backs against the wall

Time waits for nobody
Time waits for no one
We've got to trust one another
Or we'd have no more future at all
Freddie Mercury - Time Waits For No One, Album: The Freddie Mercury Album
I won't be a rock star. I will be a legend.
I always knew i was a star. And now, the rest of the world seems to agree with me.
All my lovers asked me why they couldn't replace Mary, but it's simply impossible. The only friend I've got is Mary and I don't want anybody else. To me, she was my common-law wife. To me, it was a marriage. We believe in each other, that's enough for me.
The whole point of Queen was to be original.
We were disliked by the press in the early days because they couldn't put their finger on us.
When I'm dead, I want to be remembered as a musician of some worth and substance.
I certainly don't think of my life as a fairy tale. I think of myself as a modern, contemporary woman who has had to deal with all kinds of problems that many women today have to deal with.
I never really liked Hollywood. I found it unreal - unreal and full of men and women whose lives were confused and full of pain.
I was constantly falling in love, and it never occurred to me that this was wrong or bad.
Getting angry doesn't solve anything.
The freedom of the press works in such a way that there is not much freedom from it.

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