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To be here with you tonight
Brings me joy! Qué alegriá
For this music is my language
And the world es mi familia

Coco, by Miguel

Say that I'm crazy or call me a fool
But last night it seemed that I dreamed about you
When I opened my mouth what came out was a song
And you knew every word and we all sang along

To a melody played on the strings of our souls
And the rhythm that rattled us down to the bone
Our love for each other will live on forever
In every beat of my proud corazón

Coco, by Miguel

Miguel: "I thought it might've been one of those made up things that adults tell kids. Like... vitamins."
Victoria: "Miguel, vitamins are a real thing."
Miguel: "Well, no I'm thinking maybe they could be."

Coco, by Miguel

I think we're the only family in México who hates music.

MexicoCoco, by Miguel

Even when the sky comes falling
And even when the sun don't shine
I got faith in you and I
Put your pretty little hand in mine

Miguel - Sure Thing

Painter baby, You can be the nude
Im the reporter baby, you can be the news
Cause you're the cigarette, and im the smoker
We raise a bet, cause ur the joker

Miguel - Sure Thing