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I wasn't born with enough middle fingers.

FingersMarilyn Manson - Irresponsible Hate Anthem, Album: Antichrist Superstar

You feel so very clever whenever you find another way to wear me down
But I don't feel hate
I just feel sorry
So you can wiggle with that middle finger, it'll never wiggle back to

Jendrik - I Don't Feel Hate

I can swear, I can joke
I say what's on my mind
If I drink, if I smoke
I keep up with the guys
And you see me holding up my middle finger to the world
F-ck your ribbons and your pearls
'Cause I'm not just a pretty girl

TikTokMaggie Lindemann - Pretty Girl

Hold your head high, and your middle finger higher!

FingersMegan Fox

And baby girl, you're so major, they should front-page ya
God bless the parents who made you
Middle fingered anybody who hate the
Way that we burn it up

Fabolous - Make Me Better (mit Ne-Yo)