The best Quotes by Michelangelo

The best Quotes by Michelangelo

Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (6 March 1475 – 18 February 1564), known as Michelangelo, was an Italian sculptor, painter, architect, and poet of the High Renaissance. Born in the Republic of Florence, his work was inspired by models from classical antiquity and had a lasting influence on Western art.

The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.
Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.
I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.
The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.

Quotes about Michelangelo

If the eye is the window of the soul, today I wanna see your soul. Don't give me Michelangelo. Give me you.
Vittoria Contini in From Scratch - Season 1 Episode 1
Next to you, Michelangelo just threw paint at the chapel Jackson Pollock style.
Anatomy of a Scandal - Season 1 Episode 2
We've had sex 23 days straight. I've seen more ceiling than Michelangelo!
Lynette Scavo in Desperate Housewives - Season 5 Episode 21

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Harvey Dent: "When their enemies were at the gates, the Romans would suspend democracy and appoint one man to protect the city. It wasn't considered an honor, it was considered a public service."
Rachel Dawes: "Harvey, the last man who they appointed the Republic was named Caesar and he never gave up his power."
Harvey Dent: "Okay, fine. you either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain..."
Harvey Dent in Batman - The Dark Knight
All right, but apart from the sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, the fresh water system and public health. What have the Romans ever done for us?
Rome is the mob. Conjure magic for them, and they'll be distracted. Take away their freedom, and still they'll roar.
Gracchus in Gladiator
When most first think of the word "empire", we think of the big one: Star Wars! Or Rome. And this is history, so it's Rome.
Philomena Cunk in Cunk On Earth - Episode 1
Teutoburg Forest, 9 AD. Three Roman legions are advancing towards Germania. The largest army in the world is met with many quarreling tribes. The Romans called them "barbarians". Their encounter changed the course of history.
Barbarians - Season 1 Episode 1
Italy has changed. But Rome is Rome.
If Italy were Mona Lisa then Florence would be her smile.
You will begin to wonder that human daring ever achieved anything so magnificent.
John Ruskin (Mornings in Florence)
This is the fairest picture on our planet, the most enchanting to look upon, the most satisfying to the eye and the spirit. To see the sun sink down, drowned on his pink and purple and golden floods, and overwhelm Florence with tides of color that make all the sharp lines dim and faint and turn the solid city to a city of dreams, is a sight to stir the coldest nature, and make a sympathetic one drunk with ecstasy.
Mark Twain (Autobiography)
Under the shadow of a stately Pile,
The dome of Florence, pensive and alone,
Nor giving heed to aught that passed the while,
I stood, and gazed upon a marble stone,
The laurelled Dante's favourite seat. A throne,
Among the four old bridges that span the river, the Ponte Vecchio, that bridge which is covered with the shops of jewelers and goldsmiths, is a most enchanting feature in the scene. The space of one house, in the center, being left open, the view beyond, is shown as in a frame; and that precious glimpse of sky, and water, and rich buildings, shining so quietly among the huddled roofs and gables on the bridge, is exquisite.
If you don't fall in love with me, at least you will fall in love with Florence.
Lino in From Scratch - Season 1 Episode 1
I want him to have what he wants - if it's what I want.
Lynette Scavo in Desperate Housewives - Season 3 Episode 6
Tom's packin'! We're talkin' big, circus big. So big, he can drive in the car pool lane when he's alone. If it falls in the forest, believe me - it makes a sound. The Washington monument looks at it and says, "I want to be you when I grow up!"
Lynette Scavo in Desperate Housewives - Season 7 Episode 9
There's no bad guys here, there's just people trying to figure things out.
Lynette Scavo in Desperate Housewives - Season 8 Episode 7
Rich and single, I wonder what he looks like - you rarely get the trifecta.
Lynette Scavo in Desperate Housewives - Season 8 Episode 1
In Italy, we have a saying, "Love rules without rules."
Lino in From Scratch - Season 1 Episode 1
Amy: "It's not about a man. Trust me, the last thing I want is to try to find love while here."
Sloane: "Who said anything about love?"
Sloane in From Scratch - Season 1 Episode 1
Amy: "I wanna see everything while I still can. The David, the cathedral at the Duomo, the Uffizi Gallery, the Ponte Vecchio."
Sloane: "Okay, then what are you gonna do on your second week? Florence and Europe are a lot more than what's in guidebooks."
Amy: "I'm up for whatever's free."
Sloane: "Take a lover. That's fun. And free."
Sloane in From Scratch - Season 1 Episode 1
"James Whitehouse, a Home Office minister, and confidant of the prime minister, conducted his affair with his parliamentary researcher in the Palace of Westminster."
Well, that was f*cking stupid. Literally.
Chris Clarke in Anatomy of a Scandal - Season 1 Episode 1
If the future doesn't include you, Sophie Whitehouse, the future is sh-te.
James Whitehouse in Anatomy of a Scandal - Season 1 Episode 1
As awful as this week has been, and everything I put you through, I am grateful for one thing. The certainty that you are the person I want to die with. Would die for.
James Whitehouse in Anatomy of a Scandal - Season 1 Episode 1
The opposite of love isn't hate, it's indifference. And if you hate me, that means you still care.
Bree Van De Kamp in Desperate Housewives - Season 2 Episode 16
You should never trust a woman who just had her heart broken. We tend to lie.
Bree Van De Kamp in Desperate Housewives - Season 1 Episode 12
Human beings are designed for many things, but loneliness isn't one of them.
Mary Alice Young in Desperate Housewives - Season 1 Episode 19
Every good painter paints what he is.
I hardly ever stretch the canvas before painting.
"I would have had you over tonight, but Felicity decided to stay in town."
Kate: "Oh, how unfelicitous."
Kate Woodcroft in Anatomy of a Scandal - Season 1 Episode 1
Chris: "What's that Paul Newman quote? 'Why got out for hamburgers when you've got steak at home'."
James: "Listen to me, you little prick. This isn't a f*cking joke, it's my life. I love her. Got it?"
James Whitehouse in Anatomy of a Scandal - Season 1 Episode 1
Sex doesn't have to killl a career these days. You might even gain some fans amongst the older male voter.
Chris Clarke in Anatomy of a Scandal - Season 1 Episode 1
That pine shields my view of the Purcell's backyard, and if you had ever seen Mr. Purcell sunbathe, you'd know exactly what that tree means to me.
Bree Van De Kamp in Desperate Housewives - Season 4 Episode 1
We all havee momeents of deespeeration. If we can face them head-on, that's when we find out, how strong we really are.
Mary Alice Young in Desperate Housewives - Season 1 Episode 1
Gabrielle Solis: "I never bragged."
Lynette Scavo: "You once called your face 'proof of God's existence'."
Julie: "No man has seen you naked in years. Except your doctor."
Susan: "And he retired. I try not to take that personally."
Susan Mayer in Desperate Housewives - Season 1 Episode 8
Lynette: "You think doing laundry is throwing dirty clothes in the hamper and getting clean ones out of the drawer."
Porter: "That's how dad does it?!"
Tom: "O-okay, let's stay on topic!"
Tom Scavo in Desperate Housewives - Season 7 Episode 15
Gabrielle: "She's Romanian! When your people are being chased into Argentina by angry cossacks, maybe a sparkling toilet isn't that important."
Carlos: "How about you stick to fractions, and I'll teach Juanita geography?"
Carlos Solis in Desperate Housewives - Season 6 Episode 7
Andrew: "Mom...?"
Bree: "Please don't interrupt me while I'm speaking! Now what is it, dear?"
Andrew: "Danielle's upstairs trying to commit suicide. There's no rush, she's not trying that hard..."
If you want more sex, just ask for it.
Lust and logic never seem to go hand in hand.
Perfection is impossible. In the 1,526 singles matches I played in my career, I won almost 80% of those matches. But what percentage of points did I win? 54%! In other words, even top ranked tennis players win barely more than half the points they play. When you lose every second point on average, you learn not to dwell on every shot.
Roger Federer - Juni 2024

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