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Michael Schumacher; born 3 January 1969) is a retired German racing driver who raced in Formula One for Jordan Grand Prix, Benetton and Ferrari, where he spent most of his career, as well as for Mercedes upon his return to the sport. Widely regarded as one of the greatest Formula One drivers ever, and regarded by some as the greatest of all time, Schumacher is the only driver in history to win seven Formula One World Championships, five of which he won consecutively.

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In the end, racing is about leaving work first.

Racing, After WorkMichael Schumacher

If you're involved in motor racing, I think everyone dreams of competing in Formula One events one day. And that's my dream too.

Formula 1Michael Schumacher in Schumacher

I always thought records were there to be broken.

RacingMichael Schumacher

No. Well, yes - experience.

Las Vegas, GamblingMichael Schumacher, September 2003, after being asked, whether he won in Las Vegas

I'd prefer him playing tennis or golf.

Michael Schumacher, September 2005, about his son's career choices

After those years, I was convinced I would always be a go-kart driver. Because I could never have imagined making it into Formula class - for financial reasons alone.

Michael Schumacher